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Jessica William

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April, 1952. Korea. He's wounded and receiving medical care when an enemy grenade lands near him. What does he do? He shouts a warning and uses his own body to absorb the explosion, saving his fellow Marines. Corporal Duane Dewey died this week. Please remember him.

. is trying hard to pivot the issue from what he said, in his own words, in the video everyone's seen, to something - literally anything - else. It's typical politician damage control. Once again: Robinson is a bigot and a bully. He must resign.

1/ A feel good thread that’s sure to make you smile. ❤️. Every morning in Frankfurt, Germany, you might catch a glimpse of Jenny, a horse who goes on a long walk every morning, all by herself. She has been taking the same route every morning for 14 years, ever since her owner,

Erin will run in prayer at wearing her traditional Navajo skirt and sash belt to honor Indigenous Peoples’ Day. She is a charity runner and raised $10,000 for the of Massachusetts. Thanks for the support!

💚 October 6th is a day to celebrate Lennie and all those who have Cerebal Palsy. It's a day to embrace diversity and focus on creating a more accessible world 🌎

The next time you enjoy strawberries, remember how hard it is to collect them and thank those who do.

For all the teachers, thank you 🙏🏽

On a recent Autumn morning at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in , history was made. For the first time in the 84-year vigil, on the 30770th day of continuous guarding, an all-female guard change occurred with the 38th Sergeant of the Guard.

LDF founder and first Director-Counsel Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as the first Black Supreme Court justice in 1967. He continued to draw attention to the vestiges of Jim Crow and wrote over 150 dissenting opinions in death penalty appeal cases.

I must be invisible... this is kind of a big deal, but whatever?

Have you ever made a phone call over the Internet using WiFi? Donated to a cause using a text message? Then you have Marian Croak to thank. She holds over 200 technology patents & will be the first African American woman to be inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to Dr. Patricia Bath and Marian Croak for becoming the first Black women to be inducted into the ! Dr. Bath pioneered cataract surgery, and Croak leads Google's Research Center for Responsible AI and Human Centered Technology.

Excited to announce that my wife Kristen and I wrote a children's book! All Moms will help children understand the many different ways a family can look, and teach about compassion and acceptance. It's out March 1st from !

LDF is calling for interested and concerned students, parents, educators, and citizens to submit testimony in response to the state Board of Educations’ resolution that could prevent the truthful teaching of American history.

. continues to say he’s a business owner. The NC Secretary of State continues to report that he’s not. George Washington could not tell a lie. cannot tell the truth.

I absolutely love this!

I am a teacher in Florida. Today, the incompetence displayed in Tallahassee leadership has determined that students do not have to be masked, and I no longer have the right to be in control of my own body. Elections have consequences. Please send help.

I also stand with my fellow Harvard Medical School alumnus Dr. Maurice Sholas to say publicly that I wholeheartedly disagree with Florida’s new surgeon general Dr. Joe Ladapo’s COVID strategy. I’m deeply worried for Floridians’ safety.