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Jessica William

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. says he will know longer respond to any request from the state senate. "Finish your report and be ready to defend it in a court or law." And with that he adjourns.

. closing arguments saying how asanine it is that he would cover up for his opponent. He also slams running for SOS. "Why are you running when you don't believe in these elections?"

EXPLANATION: says misconfigured RAID settings for either their image or recovery software. They show error logs and databases that would have been in the list if the directory was truly deleted.

Congratulations to contributor on getting hired by ! Christina Pushaw, outspoken Rebekah Jones critic, tapped as DeSantis’ press secretary | The Capitolist

This is also why the “but Sweden” argument, which has been used by both teams of this irritating war at different times, is useless. The Swedes majorly changed their behavior even without a formal lockdown. It turns out the majority of people are making their own decisions.

This is so good, and so demoralizing. Lots of smart people in this country are losing their minds.

The other part comes from fraudulently counting credits on land that was never going to be developed and then reselling those credits every year.

NY/ NJ: Please share Lincoln! This is an awesome older puppy!❤️🐶☑ Accident free in his foster home ☑ Crate trained ☑ Good with people and other dogs ☑ Nice puppy manners He is a young dog (less than a year) who is happy typical older puppy.(More below)👇

shhh....nobody tell him about the models that also rely on yet-to-be-invented carbon capture technology.

Meet Bush and Her Fellow Faith Healers Missouri Dem supposedly cured of COVID through faith-healing-by-phone Via

Everyone's going to performatively crap their pants over the "new" SCOTUS taking an abortion case, but look how much they *didn't* take.

This one’s really gonna bake your noodle:

This has thrown me off my square. Possibly I need to be high to not find this disturbing. Cucumber is a melon...

Wealthy countries like the U.S. are holding on to 1 billion doses more than they need, while dozens of countries have yet to protect even their health care workers. How to fix this inequity? (A longish 🧵, because this is a complicated issue)

Martin’s Country Market in Arcadia is known for their delicious Dutch Country treats. Their “Gator Jam” made with ginger and fresh Florida fruits and their famous Whoopie Pies are worth stopping in for!

I don't think aliens are real because if they were Lindsey Graham would want to invade their planet.