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RT if you agree ⇨ The IRS should not be surveilling your bank accounts.

ICE Special Agent Jamie Zapata was murdered by a Mexican drug cartel. His killers were convicted but got off on a legal technicality. Democrats could've passed a bill to close this loophole but chose not to. Pelosi must bring this for a vote immediately!

We are facing an economic crisis because of Joe Biden's failed policies. Americans are paying more for just about everything while earning less. Biden and House Democrats have FAILED to deliver for the American people.

NEW: the number of migrants taken into custody along the Mexico border topped 1.7 million during the 2021 fiscal year, with Border Patrol apprehensions at the highest levels since 1986, according to unpublished CBP data obtained by The Post

Inflation is not a "high class" problem as the Biden administration wants you to believe. It's impacting every family across NC and our country. Passing trillions in new spending and tax increases will only make this problem worse.

Inflation is taxation and it has a real-life impact on every American. Spending trillions we don’t have is reckless and will drive up the cost of goods and services even higher.

Democrats’ social spending package is full of policies that will expand government control and hurt working families. is exactly right and has been leading the fight against this reckless tax and spending spree.

This doesn't cost $0. It zeros out the American economy.

We have seen time and time again that the Democrats live in their own world – seems to me that the Democratic party is living in Wonderland.

$3.30 is the new national average for a gallon of gas - the HIGHEST price since September 2014. How can the Biden Administration claim to "Build Back Better" when families are struggling to pay for nearly EVERYTHING?

Democrats want to destroy financial privacy and intimidate small business owners. RT if you want the IRS out of your bank accounts🚨

Inflation is taxation. And it's gone up every month of Joe Biden's presidency.

Yesterday, HBC Republican Leader slammed the Biden Administration over its failure to follow the law and transparently account for impending cuts to critical programs like Medicare that will result from Democrats’ reckless spending

No matter how many times they say it, it isn’t true. Their plan will cost trillions and the middle-class will pay more.

🚨Joe Biden's America is costing you money🚨📈New Cars are UP 8.7% 📈Gas is UP 42.1% 📈Used Cars are UP 24.4% 📈Transportation is UP 4.4% We cannot afford .

In Biden's America, hardworking families are paying more for just about everything. Remember, inflation is a tax on EVERY American.

Inflation is a tax on every American.

🚨NEW LETTER🚨 W&M Members Demand Answers on Dems’ Push for IRS Invasion into YOUR Bank Accounts: "The true targets are farmers, families & small businesses, & question IRS’s capacity to protect this unprecedented amount of personal banking info.” More:

Secretary Buttigieg really believes that if people just stopped demanding things, the supply chain issues would go away? Looks like gas for your car and Christmas gifts for your children are too much to ask. This isn't Cuba or the Soviet Union. Empty shelves are un-American.

Colin Powell leaves behind a distinguished legacy of service. He will be remembered as a man dedicated to country who broke barriers and led an impressive decades-long career serving our nation. We pray for the Powell family as they mourn his loss.