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We're an account dedicated to expanding the Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate in 2022. Please do us a huge favor and retweet this and follow this account for the latest news, updates and ways to get involved to expand our majority! 🇺🇸

Every Republican in the House and Senate voted to shut down the government. This is why we must Expand the Majority in 2022.

ATTENTION PATRIOTS: The good folks here at Really American have so much planned to hold the traitors accountable and build progressive power in 2022. Do ol' Tea Pain a huge favor and RT this and foller to help keep up the pressure.

It’s simple, folks. If the government has the power to control your body & reproductive decisions, you’re not free. As our co-ED shared w/ this is a fight about power, freedom, and control.

The fight over abortion rights & access in America is a fight about freedom, control, & power. As I told , there’s no such thing as freedom for those who don’t have the power to control their own bodies & reproductive decisions.

Really American Senior Advisor ⁦⁩ appeared on ⁦⁩ to talk about the Texas abortion ban. RT if you agree with Oren that this is about government control over a women’s body, and her right to be free.

BRAVO to California for officially becoming a permanent vote-by-mail state!!! RT if you think YOUR state should follow too.

DOZENS of Massachusetts State Troopers have RESIGNED rather than get the COVID vaccine. Good riddance! WHO ELSE IS GLAD THEY ARE GONE?

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley both belong under indictment, not in the United States Senate.

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The people trying to save lives, and our planet, will be voting for a $3.5T infrastructure bill, and the people who don't care will vote against it. Pay attention, so that you know who you're voting against in 2022.

If you want Trump to TESTIFY UNDER OATH, we would be honored by an RT and a follow!

Is now a good time to remind folks that in 1861, 14 members of Congress were expelled for supporting the Confederacy?

Retweet if you think it is long past time to end the filibuster and pass voting rights protections.

Retweet if you think we can flip Texas blue in 2022. I'm curious to see how far this one goes.

FRIENDS: We have a ton planned to expand our majorities in 2022. Please do us a favor🙏💪: RT this & follow the Really American team so you don’t miss anything:

I'm ready to see what this week's subpoenas and hearings reveal about January 6th. As we move closer to this, remember we must hold people accountable in the eyes of the public, AND also at the ballot box in 2022.

Ending the filibuster, expanding SCOTUS, and adding DC and PR as states are all possible if we expand our Senate majority. That's why we're focused on getting it done. Your RT and small donation supports our efforts.

BREAKIKG — Congressman Bennie Thompson, who chairs the January 6 Committee, is considering bringing Trump to before Congress to testify PUBLICLY. WHO ELSE THINKS THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HE SHOULD DO?