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a similar rule (subs. 27(1)) applies to ? Any who believes another MP has not met their obligations under the may ask the to investigate.

The requires all public office holders to arrange their private affairs to prevent them from being in a conflict of interest. Learn more about the rules for :

As of September 30, 2021, some 2,800 were subject to the . Almost half have reporting obligations and are referred to as reporting public office holders.

Who the investigates, how & why are set out in the & . Here is info on the process & the reports

In the 1st quarter, 2021-11, 87% of new reporting public office holders met their disclosure deadlines under the . More 1st quarter statistics here.

Tobias (Tobi) Nussbaum, CEO, , received a $250 from the for failing to disclose within 30 days a material change relating to assets.

Are you a public office holder? compliance with the is a condition of your appointment or employment? See section 19 & read more about your obligations here: Questions? DM us

Reports describe what we do, how often we do it, and whether we meet our operational standards. They include number of website visits, media & public requests, sanctions imposed & much more. Look for next installment end of October. 2/2

Now that you’ve read the ’s annual reports, check out the quarterly statistical reports. Here’s some of our latest numbers ⬇ 1/2

MPs send info required by within 60 days of election posted in Canada Gazette. Office preps summary for public registry. Process can take time. Here’s a status report. Update Nov 3/21

Public office holders, you’ll also learn about what happens if you don’t meet certain reporting requirements (administrative monetary penalties up to $500 are published & tweeted) & much more. FYI, compliance with the is a condition of your appointment 3/3

, the 2020-21 report has info on the initial compliance process you’ll soon start, how we help MPs comply with the , key matters your colleagues asked us about & much more. 2/3

the ’s two annual reports are tabled in the before end of June? Suggested reading for new , staffers, GIC appointees & fans who want to learn the rules & how we help people follow them. 1/3

Dion met online with President Didier Migaud Sept 9/21 to discuss their mandates. values the benefits of engaging with his international counterparts & looks forward to further meetings. Read more:

Two mjr. revisions to Code since 2004. June 4/09, gift rules were set out & Oct 20/15, extensive changes followed a Code review (required in Code s. 33) by Procedure and House Affairs cttee of the . Read more history 2/2

in 2004, the came into effect. All 338 in the , including ministers & parliamentary secretaries, must follow the Code. Details of the rules here: 1/2

., Min. of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, received a $250 from the for failing to include in her Confidential Report all of her liabilities, within 60 days of appt.

describes CCOIN’s history, Canada’s & network. He also talks about the importance of Canada being a member of CCOIN & RFEDP. Read more about how the Office works with others: 2/2

Listen to Mario Dion, Senate Ethics Officer Pierre Legault & Quebec Ethics Commissioner Ariane Mignolet discuss the Canadian Conflict of Interest Network (CCOIN) and , the int’l Francophone ethics network. 1/2

Mario Dion comments on and the 1st National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.  4/4