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Jessica William

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98% of Americans need to see this chart.

Adding 2 x multiple CL winners and one of the hottest young prospects in European football raises expectations and takes away your excuses safety net, y'see

I don't get it, if they just complied and did not resist it would have been fine for them.

NOW - Seattle Fire and Police, discharged for noncompliance with the vaccine mandate, turn in their boots at the city hall.

Bye bye plague rats.

I will never accept a system that enables 745 billionaires to add $2.1 trillion to their wealth in 19 months but doesn’t raise the $7.25 minimum wage for 12 years.

"Squid Game, ideally"

"Sincerely held religious beliefs." Please tell me what kind of BS religion says vaccinations are a bad idea. Name names.

One way to help fight climate change is for companies to start offering remote jobs to people in West Virginia so they can become less dependent on the coal industry.

The Bernie Sanders op-ed in Joe Manchin's West Virginia was a good idea. More Democrats should do it. Don't allow the opposition to create safe spaces. Put them on the defensive everywhere. If you believe your message will improve people's lives, it shouldn't be a problem.

If you think Biden should fire all Trump holdovers and HIRE brave people like Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, and Alex Vindman, RT and follow us at as we continue to speak truth to power and make sure in the end, the good guys win.

All those vilified by the prior admin., like Vindman and the Ukraine ambassador should be rewarded for their courage and honesty under extreme pressure.

BREAKING — The Biden Administration will restore Andrew McCabe’s full pension after being fired by Trump days before his retirement. RT IF YOU ARE GLAD! THE GOOD GUYS WIN!

And let me remind everyone - cancelled pandemic unemployment in June for WV saying there were more than enough jobs here. Why does he need to pay people with jobs to move here then? Why also give them free in state tourism activities for a year? Promote his resorts?

If you can text your co-workers "I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Like fuck them all . . . I hate blacks. End of story," and still keep a prestigious future clerkship with Chief Judge Pryor on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, then maybe we don't have enough cancel culture yet.

Instead of paying remote workers $12,000 - $20,000 to move to West Virginia, why doesn't he pay companies that amount to hire West Virginians already here to a remote job? Why not bring in jobs for PEOPLE ALREADY HERE?

Whoever quit making the keto bagels at Aldis - ya moms a hoe.

Are Keto Bagels coming back or not? If not, then this is a no brainer steal for you guys. FIND THIS RECIPE.

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