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Jessica William

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3/ more than 2 months later client received couriered canvas at great cost to me and great inconvenience to client. took no responsibility and sent me back to so where do I stand now, apart from €300 poorer?

2/Parcel was delivered to the wrong address, despite having a perfectly printed label with correct address, signed for by someone - no attempt made to even sign the name of my client. Client waited patiently while I couriered a new €200 canvas (shipped at the extra cost of €80)

1/ A 4 ft canvas of this image went missing in June en route via registered post to a very important client in the UK. Perhaps can explain why I still haven't heard back from their customer service about the form I filled in, not to mention being given any compensation.

Mist on the Garavogue

Just join the queue for autographs please. Therese will take all the plaudits, all I did was the cheesy grin. Thanks for the fun couple of days Oliver & Islander Visual, and of course, Leitrim Tourism. I'd especially recommend tour and

The last Milky Way capture of 2021… Bád Eddie in Donegal. Look forward to exploring more of this amazing county.

On this week's show also: Kevin Brady Electric Qtet, DMQ, & brand new from electro-jazz outfit Monocled Man on . World music fans will enjoy select tracks by Taraf de Haidouks and Ibrahim Ferrer. Also available from 9pm Weds

Clare Sky, a brand new Irish single from gets its premiere on this week's Kind of Blue on 9pm. The new album from Kurt Elling, Superblue, on also features, along with and Alan Broadbent >

Looking forward to next couple of weeks touring Switzerland 🇨🇭 with and it’s been such fun playing and rehearsing this stuff again

Swiss tour dates with ⁦⁩ starting next week. Come and say hi!

Good morning Twitter

Donegal you beaut! In this photo:

Good morning! I've put some new images for sale on my web store at - including last week's astonishing dawn on the Garavogue

When I get to swim here most days I can handle pretty much anything that gets thrown at me.

Fantastic performance development opportunity coming up for jazz and improvising musicians interested in creating new work for young audiences. Fun Size Jazz from & open for applications now! Read more: