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Jessica William

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Hi, I'm Cannoli. I'm fat, like eating people, and their stuff. And uhhhhh... UwU. I draw vore and tumby and butt.

Y'all ever swallow your prey's phone and accidentally gut-dial their friends? Probably just sounds like gurgling on their end-

Imo the hardest part of sitting on someone's face is remembering to let them breathe. Especially when you have a fat ass that completely engulfs their head. Speaking from irl experience-

8/8 Sequel image... It's 8/16 already? Fuck-

It's Vore Day baby So I put food in my ice cube because ???? Poor Kalva, he goes through so many lab assistants so quickly. He should really be more careful. Or maybe not.

Rushed hard to finish this for vore day, but here it be. This is Shimo. Soul in a synthetic husky body. Yukiko is a predatory virus that will take over sometimes and get him fatter than he remembers being- Good thing he's good at storing excess biofuel-

This was a goofy little anniversary thing I did for me and about a year ago I think

Pivoting away from furries for a moment, here's an old DnD character given new life as a thicc bitch. This is Kalva. He's a creature of ice contained within a modified diving suit. Him chumby and a little embarrassed about it also bloated alt

And here's the first piece of degenerate art with that dnd character. Kinda threw this together without putting a ton of effort into it. Cat getting eaten belongs to

So this is a DnD character. Supposed to be a warforged/animated armor of sorts. His name is Loech. Of course, all my DnD characters must also be used for degenerate shit. I mean, he already kinda thicc tho

The drawing I'm least proud of. Every day I look at this and I wish for death. I hate this specific trash bird. coerced me into drawing this abomination over a year ago and I still regret it. The worst part is that I lost a bet and I have to make a sequel. U g h -

This is a recent one that I'm still very proud of. Looks like the ghost room was in my gut all along... Or maybe that's just the ghosts of my team in there. Whoops-

Another old image, but one many people seem to like. Hey look, it's the same kenkus from that other drawing I did. Along with another in the tummy. Thank for providing the meal and seat

I'm gonna try and make sure that all my FA stuff is on here too, so I'mma upload some slightly older works here too. So here's Kindler, my gay robot knight boye He has been given a belly, because heehoo. Not totally happy with some aspects of this one, but oh well.

Page 1 to aforementioned comic. Page 2 will be a bit, but this should give you an idea of where things are going... Babka's gonna need a new uniform soon- Poor

Another older image, this one being a character I plan to drop a comic of here soon. This is Babka Raccoon dog, East European accent, absolute dad. He's a mall cop/security guard. Loves "detaining" hooligans... Probably why he's so chubby now-

This is a little older now (old cannoli design), but figured I should upload it here. Looks like can't handle tumby very well-

Did a dooble today of Luka, waking up on the couch, along with whatever's left of a volunteer. Glrrgl.~

For a bit I was actually trying to go with a crow sona, but it did not stick quite as well as the dumb puppy I use. I did say the last one was it for the day, but e h

Last one for today I think. Have a pic of me looming over you, ready to eat and diges- Should have added more background to this one, but, eh, too lazy

Here's a recent drawing with me and bf's kenkus. Why play DnD if you don't use the characters for vorny shit later.