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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Don’t bother following me if you’re looking for brand or services promotion. I’m here to remain informed, not to sell your crap. I like your crap, I’ll find you. Might even promote your crap.

Hate it when you ask if ppl know of or how to _______, & they shrug and say Google it. 1st, I was making light conversation more than anything else. 2nd, I can't discuss politics, art or music with you, cuz your an ignorant cretin. So WTF am I wasting my time talking to you for?

We also harvested the oddball CBD. The other 3 have some time to go still. The pistils are still very white and the flowers could definitely do with some thickening.

Spent the day outside at the farm. The Orange Jack is getting thick and top heavy. These are seeded as well, so we’ll be checking the maturity of the seeds to decide when to harvest. Hoping for a few more nice hot days.

I don’t have to respond whenever provoked. No one does. Steward your energy well. We have justice work to do. And strategy to outline. And self-care to prioritize. And love to live. It’s okay to let provocateurs leave empty handed.

Good morning twitterers. It’s off to the farm for me today. Get out into nature yourselves. Step away from the doom scrolling and outrage machines and get dirty. Work or play in the dirt and reset for another week in the technology mines.

Good Morning ☀️

Good night twitterers.

Ya know the nice thing about Twitter? Where else can you discuss poetry, politics, cannabis, and dogs all while being naked in bed?

I have Absolutely No Desire to Fit In!!!😉

"there comes a point where you suspect that the entire multidimensional infinity of the Universe is run by a bunch of maniacs" -

The Master Kush, after the rain. She’s loving the Canadian growing season. Very dense flowers for outdoor. Hoping that doesn’t cause a mold issue with all this rain. Guess I’ll get a few of those seeds I wanted.

Today would be a great day to stop logging ALL old growth forests in British Columbia

I don't tell ppl what to do, AND YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER!

“The problem with closed-minded people is their mouth is always open.”

Well, looks like Jackie’s seeds are mature. May as well harvest and hang her up. The Orange Crush x Jack Herer sativa was fertilized by a Master Kush indica male this season to produce a hybrid for 2022. She grew pretty well for a neglected accident seed dropped by a rodent.

Canada 80.11% of all Canadians 12 and up fully vaccinated 86.77% have at least one shot. Yah us And the beat goes on.

Just thought I’d share. This is my seat in the workshop. Mom-in-law bought this and used it maybe twice before it ended up stored in the workshop. So, when I’m out here smoking spliffs and making hash I hope it makes you smile to think of me on my IMmobility scooter

The blueberry really is such a pretty flower. Can’t wait to start growing the MasterKushxBlueberry seeds she’s producing. I do feel a little guilty for possibly pollinating any of my neighbour’s crops this season.

Recycling : ‘A solution exists, we can’t go backwards’ A world-first commercial plant designed to turn fabric into raw materials will also address the vast amounts of heading for |