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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

This makes me smile! It's when Dark Light Con had an online con in November 2021

Mark Sheppard (Willoughby Kipling) e Michelle Gomez (Madame Rouge) nos bastidores da 3Βͺ temporada.

Yesterday as we were pulling into the hotel a Squirrel ran infront of the taxi! Of course I screamed "Dean no!" My friend and the taxi driver nearly wet their pants! πŸ˜† We thankfully didn't hit him.

Hurray it's been done. Love the googly eyes too. Stole the pic from It's normally Pendigo Way

Can’t we just scrap the Β£100 billion we’re spending on outdated HS2? Isn’t spending money on social care more important than shaving a few minutes from a trip to London from Birmingham?

Here is the Deliveroo discount code again

I wonder who that guy is on my badge 🀣

We are so lazy that we're getting Subway delivered haha

Just one week left to your own nightlight (and an appropriate amount of toilet paper). Each purchase helps support !

My Friday to Monday roomie

All registered! I get my steward badge later

Awwww look. "This event is dedicated to the memory of W. Morgan Sheppard- 1932 - 2019" on the con booklet They did that at Cross Roads 2 too. Such a sweet gesture

It never fails. Jumped out of my skin at the fire alarm test

Registration is open to all and currently no queues. Don't let the staff get bored!

Season 3 of premieres today. I've never before worked on a show that has gained so much attention that it has season premieres that are this highly anticipated, and it's honestly pretty cool. I want to start a thread about πŸ€–πŸ€–

It looks like he was gonna deliver pizzas round the hotel or something