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Jessica William

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At least 235 people were arrested and 10 police officers injured following a large anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne, Australia

LJ alerted me I was on his list. I told him how rare it was to find loyal & trustworthy friends here. I feel the same about you. I consider you a real friend, unlike fake friends mistaking my kindness for weakness, happy to use me and disappear once they get what they want. ❣️

Good evening LJ. Thank you for listing me and the notification. TY for participating in today's , pinned to my timeline & reposted every 24 hrs. I appreciate the support when I find real friends on twitter, an almost impossible feat. ❣️🤗

Deal reached in Trump's Arizona audit that will keep election equipment out of the hands of Cyber Ninjas: report

Pony who spent years in a dark barn can't stop rolling in grass — and showing off his new hairstyle 🦄 You can check them out on TikTok: .

Good morning Foodie and friends. . Let's have a safe, drama-free day as we keep our eyes on DC this weekend. Foodie, please bring a copy of your party over to the today. There is a new one posted every 24 hrs, and everyone is welcome to stop by. ❣️

It's 9/18. Here's hoping DC is safe from harm today. Thanks for the tag and notification, Laura. My has pinned to my profile pg. timeline. Everyone is welcome to stop by. I have a new posted every 24 hrs. ❣️

It's SAT 9/18. Thank you for the tag & notification. ❣️Everyone, please stop by the pinned to my profile pic timeline. A new one is posted every 24 hrs. The provides a forum to make new friends and interact with one another. 🫂

Tks for the add and notification, Mari. ❣️ Everyone, please stop by my , pinned to my profile pg timeline. It lasts for 24 hrs & a new one is posted every 24 hrs. The door is always open. Come say 'hi,' build your following, promote yourself, have a coffee, etc. 🤗

Sat. 9/18. Good morning LJ. I appreciate the inclusion & notification. ❣️ Everyone, please stop by my , pinned to my profile pg. timeline. It is a 24 hr party, posted every day. Have a safe, drama-free day. 🤗

No Lists. . Tks for the . and friends, please stop by my . It's pinned to my timeline & a new party starts every 24 hrs. Let's all have a safe and enjoyable weekend. ❣️🤗I did post this reply to my timeline Jay.

Amy Coney Barrett is singing from the same hymn sheet as they get ready to dismantle what’s left of Roe. Don’t be fooled.

Good morning friends. ❣️🤗 Jules, please drop by the . It's pinned to my profile timeline . Also, I hope you'll post your on my party thread. Party hosts & all resisters are than we are apart. No to competition; Yes to supporting one another.

Good afternoon Sabine. Tks for the add and notification. I hope everyone who sees this post will check if they're following you because you're a fantastic resister. . Please, everyone, come to my daily ; you'll always find it pinned to my timeline.

Thank you, . I've missed you recently. Tks for the inclusion & notif. ❣️ I hope you and others on this list will stop by the , pinned new on my timeline every 24 hrs. Thanks again, Nurse Cleedis.

Good afternoon my dear friend Jayne. Thanks for the mention & notification. ❣️ Everyone is welcome to stop by the , pinned to my timeline and renewed every 24 hrs. Enjoy your evening . Love you! 🤗

Does anyone know when TFG will take the podium at the rally in Washington DC today? I've googled it, read articles posted today, but I am unable to locate that info. TY. I want to see it.

Do you feel more anxious today because of TFG's upcoming rally?

SATURDAY FOLLOW BACK PARTY 🎉🎉🎉 Mingle and make some new connections. Vet and follow back everyone that Like, Retweets, and comments. Drop your memes, gifs, and comments below. We are No Lists