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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

The winner of my Nerdy Giveaway is thank you do much sweet bean for entering! DM me so we can set up shipping of your prize!!!

Going to be a bit late today! Just got home from grocery shopping 😅 will be live around 130pm!

Next giveaway will occur at either 500 Dergins (followers) or 50 Heroes (subs) !!! Do we like the nerdy giveaways? Any constructive criticism is highly appreciated!!!

*so When will Twitter let me edit tweets? 🤣

Good morning everyone!!! Today is when I'll be announcing who has won my nerdy giveaway! Thank you to everyone who has entered 😊🥰😊

I want to know all of my fellow streamers and followers better! What's your favorite: -food? -color? -animal? Do you have any pets? (Pics included!!!) If you had to pick between being stuck in an anime/TV show, which one would it be? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Today's stream is cancelled. See you all tomorrow to announce the giveaways winner!!!

May not be able to stream today, husband is home sick ❤ Hope everyone is doing okay this monday!

Just got home after a 3 hour long car ride. No stream today. Tired. Stream tomorrow (?)

6 months ago I did my first stream. My layout on SLOBS was not optimized, I was using a TV as my 2nd monitor and was streaming from my dinning room table. Looking back, I am so glad I started this as I've met so many amazing people and I'm excited for what the future holds!!!

Unfortunately I won't be able to stream today and Friday for The Nerds will be moved to tomorrow!!!! Looking at more houses today. Wish us luck! 🥰

Feeling blah, but games help, right? Back to the world of Ikenfell!

New updates to the discord is in the works. D&D Nation will be rebranded to Magical Nerd Club! Welcome to the discord that's perfect to find other gamers, anime lovers, whovians, LOZ fans, MTG players and all sorts of interesting folks from all over!!!

I'll have to admit, I'm feeling very low today and debating on cancelling today's stream. My mind set isn't where it should be and I don't think I can pretend everything is okay. Sorry

🎉 LIVE NOW 🎉 I'm back! New house! NEW WIFI! As a 'New Home' gift, one of my community members sent me this! 🥺💕 LOOK AT IT, ITS AMAZING! Playing Apex with community/ viewers, spreading happy vibes 💕

Why did you start streaming?

Good morning to all of my gals, guys, theys, and non-binary folks! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Please tell a friend something nice today as this weekend I learned that who I thought was close, just used me and has now decided to discard our friendship. It hurts.

Thank you everyone who popped in today! Honestly today's stream brought my spirits up as I love hanging out and talking to my amazing DERGINS See you all in the next session! 6/16 @ 1230pm: Ikenfell

It was a rough weekend, I have a headache; let me torture myself with RATS

I plan on streaming today, but it will be more chill. Yesterday was such a rough emotionally draining day that I still need to recover.