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CBC's The National and its At Issue Panel producer should probably review Andrew Coyne's Twitter TL over the past 24 hours or so with a view to evaluating his suitability for appearances on Canada's public broadcaster.

The obvious lessons from Alberta’s municipal election will be hard for Jason Kenney and the UCP to learn.

No racism in that thread what-so-ever. She trying to understand what's going on. No one is suggesting anyone should grovel , your word. IMO most of what's going on now w/r/t T&R is purely political as many are vying for position. Let's get to the task at hand. Stop the games.

🤣🤦‍♀️ If AB really wanted to be like QC, it would have fair taxes, a PST, more social services like affordable childcare, etc. It would treat its residents with the respect they deserve & govern for all citizens not the just whining RW. Grow up Ms Gerson.

This is a guy who actually knows what he’s talking about. Stark contrast to .

Yeah, Brett. Every Albertan should pay a lower percentage of their income in federal income tax than every other Canadian. Less than the plumber in Regina. Less than the lawyer in St John’s. Less than the barista in Prince Rupert. Because Albertans are special. Got it.

The NDP is now siding with the Conservatives in opposing calling it a "dumpster fire" This is a bill that would PROTECT those in the arts community from getting their content ripped off by others online I don't think the arts community will be happy w/ NDP

"Reflect on what you said, say you’re sorry, and next time think before you speak."👈 Hmmm...🤔asking to think may be a bit much. ...😏

I got my Shingles vax today. Unlike the covid vax and its tracking device, this one implants a chip that will allow me to get a senior’s discount and save up to 15% at Shoppers Drug Mart in a few years.

. Says today: “ I don’t know how you define ‘progressive’.” Well, Kenney, let me help you here. In Alberta it’s defined as NOT UCP.

And if they try to raise this as a privilege issue, they will be voted down by the other parties.

And BTW, Charlie forgot to thank PM Justin Trudeau for mandating vaccines for the federal public service and federally regulated transportation sectors! 😏

"We will nurture arts and culture. In return, arts and culture will nurture us." Love this from just now.

What & did not tell parents today was that 30% of today's cases of were kids 161 cases. To date 77059 kids have contracted the virus 24% of all cases. July-Aug saw 4801 kids get Covid 77/day in 62 days Sept 1 - Oct 18 has seen 18358 cases 382/day

There’s too many people on Twitter that are advocating for Truth & Reconciliation, who don’t give 2 shits about Truth & Reconciliation. They’re just happy it makes the PM look bad. Furthermore, any Indigenous Chief who supports Conservatives has ulterior motives. I see you all.

Scott Moe insists that nobody is to blame for the COVID situation in his province, because pandemic. 🤔🤔🤔

So let me get this straight. The Premier of Ontario, who has literally missed 66% of Question Periods this year & is on track for only 29 total days of work for 2021….accused immigrants of being lazy?

Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca to Premier Doug Ford: "Get out of the 1950's, take a look at modern Ontario, be comfortable with it and support it."

Province that didn't pay $4.5 billion for Trans Mountain pipeline complains about equalization