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Jessica William

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The plants 🌱 are thriving. It’s good to be home. Full foliage photo shoot tomorrow.

Good evening from Toronto. Never go speed skating for the first time on the same day you’re flying. Apologies to the passenger beside me who had to endure me trying to stretch during the flight.

Signing off from Alberta. Wheels up 🛫 See you tonight, Toronto.

From Tokyo 2020 straight into Winter Olympics coverage. I have immense respect for the Canadian athletes — summer and winter — who have all shown incredible resolve and resilience. Awesome to spend time with the women’s hockey team and speed skaters the past few days.

Thank you to for getting me on the pebbled ice. Feels like home. And what a brilliant spot the Club is. Bring on the Olympics.

CURLING 🥌 One month to go until the Olympic trials in Saskatoon. Wasn’t about to leave Calgary without throwing a rock at the Club. Speed skating was incredible but I think I’ll stick to the roaring game. Not bad eh ?

I made it. I did it. I finally have a 🇨🇦 bio. Wow. What a feeling.

Continue to update us on your training so we can keep your bio up-to-date ➡️ 😉

PERSONAL BEST TIME I went speed skating for the first time today. Posted my fastest time ever. Couldn’t have done it without and the 🇨🇦 skinsuit. Here’s how it looked.

That’s a wrap for now. I’m going to be sore tomorrow. The great is putting together a video recap of my speed skating debut. Nothing but gratitude for and for this unforgettable experience.

2026 Olympics here I come. Never too late. But seriously. What an incredible experience at the today with 🇨🇦. These speed skaters are remarkable athletes.

Clearly need some work on the corners. Can’t thank enough for his patience and expertise today. Here we are learning the crossover.

Denny! Great to hear from you. New level of appreciation for you all today. This speed skating stuff ain’t easy.

Reporter vs Olympian The 500m final at the Always make sure you know where the finish line is. Unlike me. Coach with the reminder.

On the ice. has joined the party. with a push for encouragement. Incredible to be on this immaculate surface at the Oval.

To the ice! The walk down the tunnel. Lace up. Then time to skate. Thank you to Olympian and for this experience.

Learning from the best. That’s who’s just back from competing in cycling in Tokyo and now eyeing another Winter Olympics. Coach Bart Schouten keeping a close eye on technique before we hit the ice.

It’s time. What have I gotten myself into? Getting into this skinsuit might have been the toughest challenge today. Time for some dryland training.

LET’S. GO. Approaching the Oval for my speed skating debut. Will share the entire journey, including skinsuit magic, after the adventure. Thank goodness I’m getting support from coaches and athletes. Here we go folks.

Good morning sports fans. Today is the day. I’m speed skating. Oh boy.