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Please stop telling me your state legislatures are preventing your governor from mandating vaccines. State legislatures can't over turn a SCOTUS decision! It's only a excuse from the governors.

Florida has set yet another covid hospitalization record. 11,515 his hospitalized, unvaccinated Floridians can thank

Me: do you have probable cause? Cop: I need you to cooperate. Do you have any weapons? Me: *shows badge* yes. Cop: sorry, sir, just being vigilant; you're free to go. I searched, we have not had a vehicle theft in over a year. I have a meeting with the Police Chief tomorrow🤬

Newsflash: Children in elementary schools have ZERO PROBLEM wearing masks. NONE. Adults outside the schools are the ONLY PROBLEM. We had 300 kids in masks, even during recess, and they NEVER complained; because kids understand social responsibility, unlike many so-called adults.

Why is Florida refusing to release yesterday’s COVID numbers? 🧐

Two airline passengers entering Canada from the U.S. have been fined nearly $16,000 each for submitting fake vaccination cards and Covid-19 test results, officials say.

I want to be clear - the majority of spread in the US is among the unvaccinated. Vaccinated people can spread the virus if they get a breakthrough infection, but the odds of them getting sick in the first place are far lower than those who are unvaccinated.

👮‍♀️The most important way we can show the MPD and Capital Police that we stand with the blue is to . 👮‍♀️ I stand with the work of the commission, and fully expect as a result of their work.

Hey, Florida--here's your man Ron DeSantis: Not only are COVID infections in Florida sky high, the beaches are almost uninhabitable due to red tide from the Piney Point disaster, and the fish kill is in the mega tons.

Top RNC official in Florida spreads Covid-19 conspiracies, calling vaccines the 'mark of the beast'

Trump's $100 Million Democracy-Damaging Grift: Time for AG Garland/DOJ to Hold Donald Trump Accountable for his Seditious Crimes. Because via

We are literally teetering on the brink of a fascist takeover of this country. Right now. WTAF?

When McConnell didn't have 60 votes needed to confirm Trump's judicial and SCOTUS nominees, he carved out an exception to the filibuster and made it happen anyway — fueling the war on voting rights. Dems must now respond by abolishing the filibuster to *protect* voting rights.

NEW: Number of Americans hospitalized with COVID-19 tops 51,000, highest since February

Emergency rooms in San Antonio hospitals are diverting ambulances to other hospitals only to be told that they have no room either. This is ‘s Texas.