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I like to understand this topic and I want to know more about this topic for example everything about filmmaking, cricket, technology, spirulity, business ideas, history And Whats Is Right For Humans. I talk on these topics. Like to do

-action scenes, very good screenplay is also very well written And also music are good.

-very good performance in whatever screen time is given. And I thought koel performance was not so good or aur I will say it's okay-okay. If seen, after a long time, I watched a good Bengali movie. now talking to technical part of film is also very good cinematography very good-

-Jeet does not get a good project, so we have not been able to know the acting of Jeet. But what amazing acting has Jeet done in this movie brilliantly performance done by jeet one of the best work I've seen from him After that I liked the best of Ritbhari Chakraborty has given-

Directed by Raj Chakraborty In the first place, I would like to talk about this person, given such a great direction, if you see this movie, then you will understand I think Raj Chakraborty has the best job so far Now Jeet I think Jeet is a complete actor-

This is gorgeously shot film with terrific acting and amazing camerar work yes it's too long but you will be enjoyed Directed by Based on The Revenant by

-absolutely terrific this movie never flinched it is realistic and there is one scene in this film involving a bear and it is great amazing achievement I don't know how they did it-

-This is disturbing brutal violent film in which one man is pitted against nature and nature is not playing nice and was great in this film he was really good this is some of the best work I've seen from him now I loved his performance in this movie-

-the shots they were able to accomplished and what even more impressive is that this entire film was shot with nature lighting they use fire they used real shadow cast by the forest the work they accomplished is just stunning you just Express this you will be loved this-

The Revenant has some of the best cinematography You hardly saw such a thing there are shots in movie where I genuinely do not understand how they got them so butiful✌️see and there are moments throughout this lengthy running time in which I engage in awe at some of-

-stunning and direction screenplay so good to see... Based on Normal People by Directed by Cinematography Editors StephenO'Connell

-a lot the actors do such a good job creating their characters with their performances because they are just so rich and so deep with what they show.And also supporting character doing a good job. Now the show itself is absolutely beautiful to watch i mean the cinematography is-

-in this break days after turning it off and then trying to go to sleep they just stuck with me the characters are both damaged but in different ways they're still able to function in their life but they're awkward and then they also unsure and their interactions are frustrating-

-emotion and they are relationships going through so many people but the just not happy. This show was so heart touching and same time is haunting to me i watched the 12 episode over the course of 18 days and not because they're long episode just because I needed to take a break-

Connell and Marianne grow up small town but they have drastically different backgrounds they just develop secret relationship in school time and then spend the next several years movie in and out of each other lives and all that time they keep impact each other-

And that want from a movie a movie to transport me to a place that feels real.. And beautiful cinematography beautiful screenplay beautiful editing and specially music is too good...

-and she does the same thing and really interesting ways of learning about life and it's so original.. Movie like Her because it's just a different movie that you can really get into these characters and really started to care about all these people.!!

-I can't believe that just her voice and this guy and that's all needed i was so invested emotionally it really blew me away because it's kind of tough to think about that you know it's really just a voice but you get to watch his character grow and change so much through her-

-two things are starting becom one in certain ways that's one of the great things about the way this film was directed and writing both by his plya really believe character too. But what really struck me about this movie was just how invested was in this relationship-

-though it was just voice. Really was great in movie he can really inhabit a character and i totally believe this was a real person this relationship goes on a lot of really interesting ways and you get to learn a lot about humans and technology and the way those-