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Jessica William

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Eloquently said..sound familiar? It’s happening here. Don’t let it continue. 147 congress members and 45 Senators are perfectly ok with this👇🏻👇🏻Vote them out..we hold the power to stop it. Don’t let the opportunity slip away.

The vote on whether we will have a republic is at 2:15 today.

ICYMI: The Republican-controlled completed the redistricting process and approved new state and congressional maps that boost GOP voters and dilute the voting power of communities of color.

We’ve had enough. DOJ needs to appoint a special prosecutor NOW! Trump's best legal shot at blocking the release of his January 6 docs - CNNPolitics

1.3 million views on Twitter and growing. Americans across the country have had enough of corporations bankrolling right wing extremist and are getting ready to .

Deripaska was Putin’s link to Manafort and Trump. Hours after Mitch McConnell voted to lift sanctions on his company he announced a 65 million dollar investment in an aluminum plant in KY. should be nervous as the FBI raids his home.

A tragic statistic. What makes it even more tragic is that in many cases these deaths were preventable but we as a society didn't do it. What feelings and thoughts about our society will these orphaned children have?

20 October 1939 | A French Jewish boy, Albert Klochendler, was born in Paris. In August 1942 he was deported to and murdered in a gas chamber after the selection.

The coronavirus is still mutating. But will that matter? ‘We need to keep the respect for this virus.’

It’s not Biden’s fault that covid is still such a big problem. Blame his GOP critics.

Trump woke up today thinking he was gonna have a nice relaxing day spitting his normal bile at fallen heroes and now one of his main Russian mob associates had his DC mansion raided by the FBI. Who’s next Donnie? My money is on Jared.

Deripaska founded Rusal, this won’t be good for Mitch.

Will be heartening to see the GOP come to the defense of Colin Powell, an honorable man who served with dignity, and denounce Trump’s horrible remarks. J/K he owns all those spineless cowards now.

As you read the latest disgusting statement by the vile little man with the doll fingers, orange face paint, girdle, shoe lifts, scalp reduction, septoplasty and dead ferret on his head realize all he ever wanted was the love that he knows deep down he is never gonna get.

I voted for Joe Biden. I did not vote for Joe Manchin. I’m really really sick of Joe Manchin trying to shove his agenda down the 81 million of us who voted for the other Joe. Maybe if we start a Go Fund Me page we can buy off Manchin like the GOP did.

19 October 1934 | Dutch Jewish girl Else Hahn was born in Rotterdam. In September 1943 she was deported to and murdered in a gas chamber after the selection.

Reminder: the Trump lawsuit means nothing if he doesn’t file an immediate motion for a temporary restraining order (and win on that narrow procedural issue). The Archivist can start releasing the current batch of docs to the 1/6 committee on November 12th absent a court order.