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If you think you’re going to come to Canada and sit around and collect the dole - it’s not gonna happen. But, if you don’t like college after two months, you CAN quit and become VP at your dad’s company if you want.

How is it that the top 1% evade $163,000,000,000 in taxes every year, but immigrants are called the freeloaders?

An government will pilot the four-day work-week in Ontario, because we should be looking into ways that we can work to live, not live to work.

I am feeling so inspired after this weekend’s . announced the Party will reform our provincial electoral system to ranked ballots and pilot universal basic income and the four-day work week. This is just the beginning!

Governments of every political stripe in eight provinces and territories have managed to get a deal done for affordable & accessible childcare, but not Doug Ford's Conservatives. We released our plan in May, and we're committed to delivering $10/day childcare.

“They were careless people... they smashed up things... and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness... and let other people clean up the mess they had made.” For no particular reason.

🚨 Happening now: Candidate Showcase We're forming the most inclusive team of candidates in Ontario history. Tune in now to meet the team!

Please consider helping the Ontario Liberal Party get ready for the upcoming Provincial Election on June 2, 2022. Become a member for free or contribute to their war chest at .

Does and not know election is over ? They can stop gaslighting Cdns now about inflation and gas prices I mean come on people, we need only do a quick Google search to know the entire world is dealing with low supply ,high demand CONS gonna CON

Did you know, because of the FIPA deal Harper made: 👇🏼👇🏼Canada liable to compensate Chinese companies for COVID-19 losses under Harper govt trade agreement - ThinkPol

I think someone is onto something 🤔 Marjorie Tyler Greene

So many "journalists" downplayed the harassment and abuse directed at Justin Trudeau during the last Federal Campaign. Do they not understand that what happened in the UK today could just as easily happen here? Do they not understand these are serious threats?

The Canadian Press holds our elected leaders as political hostages under 24 hr. scrutiny. The daily interrogations presume guilt or malfeasance, and focus on public shaming of mistakes in the past. And, we wonder why it's so hard to find good people to stand for election.

What the CBC is failing to note is that, under the FIPA deal made under Stephen Harper - any deal with vaccines had to go through China first - this is not reported in this article. This deal fell through when the Huawei executive was detained. So blaming our PM, as the /1

When you are just born and already not impressed with your family

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Please enjoy my cartoon in today's

Just saw an attack ad from the PCs saying that voting for would be like going back to the Wynne days. 🤔 So back to the days when the party in power invested in the environment, education, healthcare and was inclusive? Bring it on!

Randy Hillier's riding has a vaccination rate of 92%. The highest in Canada by far. LOLZ