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Jessica William

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Gonna tell my kids this is Kyrsten Sinema.

If your Governor is willing to waste your money on an election audit it’s time for a new Governor.

Fox News banned Rudy Giuliani. That's like a chimpanzee being banned from the zoo.

Chuck Grassley said he will run for his 8th term. To give you an idea of how old he is he announced this via The Pony Express.

The school board member I support, resigned instead of continuing to subject her family (including her children) to ongoing personal attacks, doxxing, etc. I may run for that unpaid position if they hold a special election.

Rudy Giuliani has been banned from Fox News Total Landscaping.

dO yOuR oWn rEsEaRcH

I appreciate yer commentary Yeezy I do But your zero tweets expose you Nothing but a troll who try tries like hell 2 argue But I’ll just bid ya adieu You can go find a clue Then come back when u can write something that’s true Toodleloo: )✌🏽 Now then

PSA: they are not related

The very definition of white privilege. "Yeah I killed a black man, but I'm the true victim here!!"

Derek Chauvin thinks he was given an unfair trial... A cop who knelt on a man's neck till he died thinks he was treated "UNFAIRLY"

Arizona spent nearly $.5M on another recount and will spend $3M to replace the voting machines because they wanted to make sure we knew Biden is still President. Have a good day ☀️

Give the people what they want

peta is the worst thing to happen to veganism since moby said he dated natalie portman and she was like no he didn’t

Kyrsten Sinema is Trash! Quit pretending to care represent the people when all u care about is your corporate donors giving 750k. Joe Manchin is guilty of taking over 100k to do corporations bidding.

If Trump loses Arizona one more time, I’m pretty sure he’ll be eligible for free set of steak knives and a tire rotation.

Joe Biden to the Cyber Ninjas: "I just want to find 360 more votes." Wait? what?

Cyber Ninjas finding more votes for Biden in Arizona probably wasn't the "Smocking" gun Republicans expected.

Longtime Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley who can’t even form a coherent tweet is running for reelection. 🤷🏽‍♂️

2 U.S. Code § 192 says it's a crime to ignore a congressional subpoena and the DOJ intends to hold them in contempt if they don't appear. I'm 99% sure the January 6th committee has what it needs, they're just going to see who perjures themself for a twice-impeached traitor.