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Jessica William

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One accidental shooting is enough to make America consider regulating prop guns, but 100+ intentional mass shootings are not enough to regulate real guns.

. is not a "rebel" or a "maverick" She is quite plainly a big pharma owned chaos agent that is working side by side with Joe Manchin to derail President Biden and to help Republicans win in 2022 and 2024.

They ran as Democrats to get ELECTED. And then governed as Republicans to get RICH.

It's Friday!!! A young disabled single father I help today had $125 left FOR THE MONTH after paying his rent.I got HALF his rent paid EVERY Month forever, so he has 600 left for food & clothes. He cried when I told him. The BEST fkn job in the world!!! Happy Friday!!!

BREAKING: The Department of Justice adds two top prosecutors to the Matt Gaetz child sex trafficking investigation — one with expertise in child exploitation crimes and one focused on public corruption — in damning escalation of legal probe. RT IF YOU THINK GAETZ IS GUILTY!

BREAKING NEWS: Democratic Congresswoman Norma Torres blasts Matt Gaetz as he crashes today’s congressional hearing , telling him that the meeting “isn’t about somebody paying to have sex with a young girl.” RT TO THANK NORMA FOR SETTING GAETZ STRAIGHT!

BREAKING: 5 veterans of Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s advisory board resign in a brutal letter telling Sinema she’s “no maverick,” accusing her of being “one of the principal obstacles to progress,” and calling her a “sellout” to “big donors.” RT TO THANK THEM FOR CALLING SINEMA OUT!

Rep. says Kevin McCarthy “has been especially active in attempting to block the investigation of events of January 6th.” McCarthy *threatened to punish phone companies* that comply with the ’s investigators.🤬

Our democracy faces a crisis that requires action. Now is the moment to reach beyond region, beyond party, beyond self, to save and reinvigorate the sputtering flame of the American idea. That is why we must pass the .

The Senate votes today on a bill supported by over 70% of the country. A bill designed solely to strengthen voting rights in America. Take a note of who votes against it because those are the people who directly benefit from the system remaining unfair.

BREAKING: An Alabama man who pepper-sprayed & beat Capitol Police with a metal rod as they tried to stop him and his fellow insurrectionists from storming the Capitol on January 6 is arrested & slapped with 7 charges. RT IF YOU THINK THAT HE MUST GET THE FULL SENTENCE IN PRISON!

Average income of a West Virginia resident: $26,00 2nd poorest state in America Income of Senator Joe Manchin? $8 million Watch 's video!!

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EXPLOSIVE NEW VIDEO! is blocking Joe Biden's agenda. We found so much vile and provable corruption in Manchin's life and his families life that we could not fit it all into one video. So this is just Part 1. **RETWEET THIS EVERYWHERE**

BREAKING — Former DOJ attorney Jeffrey Clark is now facing DISBARMENT and CRIMINAL charges for aiding Trump in trying to overturn the election. RT IF HE SHOULD BE DISBARRED!

Can we get a movement going to not change back the clocks