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Jessica William

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DeadHeads NFT Animated Series 🎞️🪦 The first ever multi-media brand that gives verifiable ownership of its IP to its fan base via NFTs. Learn More: Watch Episode Two Now:

Skull Trooper General ☠️

It’s Halloween season !!! Better stop sleeping on , Roadmap 2.5 is gonna be epic 🔥💀 I love how community driven they are and the killa art!! With their own NFT Animated Series.

YO! townhall got me HYPED!!! Villains . Cremation. Staking. All giving back to the community. Thanks so much to everyone involved. sorry if I forgot anyone!🖕

A community spaces about the upcoming DeadHeads events

If you aren’t here, what are you even doing?????

TOWN HALL TOMORROW🖕 7pm PST. Set Reminder:

Wow, just realized we blew by 25k followers and didn't even celebrate with a giveaway. Let's give this little sicko and ticket 1979 a new home. 1⃣ Follow 2⃣ RT + Comment your favorite DH trait PS - Huge announcement coming this weekend. Winner in 48 hours 🔥💀🔥

Town Hall on Spaces: Sunday 7pm PST Time to gather as a community and discuss some exciting new developments in the DeadHeads universe. Team will cover progress on the following: - Roadmap updates - Skull Troopers?!?! - Episode 3 casting Turn notifications on to not miss it 🔔

2/2 because you DO own the licensing rights. We've put the FULL ownership with our community - where it belongs.

1/2 Let's play a game If you owned the licensing rights to R2D2 (from Star Wars for those of you that've had a long day) what show would you try to feature him in? The Simpsons? Family Guy? American Horror Story 😂? Now think about the shows you'd like to see your DeadHead in..

Yesterday, I spent over $10,000 on , with the amount of production they have these are tremendously undervalued. and others are extremely talented members in the community. Breaking necks with their animated series that has barely surfaced 🧟‍♂️

Come hang out with us at 5pm pst to hang out with the crew from Episode 2

Have you seen Episode 2 of the DeadHeads Animated Series?