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are undefeated with Niku in the lineup this season.

I've lost count of how many times I've heard John Bartlett mention Zadina's name tonight. Still believe he's going to be a solid NHLer.

LOL, panel believes the will be fine. What will the fanboys and fangirls say if this poor play continues?

Looks like Greiss will limit the to three goals tonight.

Get Garry Galley off my TV!

They play like they did in the third period Thursday for full games, the will rebound and win their share of games.

Somewhat better effort by the tonight but not nearly enough urgency until the third period.

Andersen is locked in now. He'll shut out the the rest of the way.

It's also a factor that Gallagher was involved. He's marked by the NHL.

New season but the goaltender interference review process continues to be a laughingstock. Even seasoned colour commentators can never be sure which way the coin will be flipped.

placed Nikita Kucherov on Long Term Injured Reserve today. The move gives Tampa Bay an additional $9,500,000 in their LTI Salary Relief pool.

I can take losing, even to the worst of teams if there's effort. Tonight's output was pathetic.

Twenty-one shots! Outside of a few bursts of energy, this was a horrible effort. Nothing positive at all.

Normally I would jinx the Sharks goalie Hill but with 14 shots by the through two periods, that would be laughable.

Most brutal effort of the season. Four first period shots. No sense of urgency, no grit, sloppy penalties. Garbage!

Every hockey analysts predicted would be an easy out in the playoffs. Let's give it more than three games before throwing in the towel. Often the have gotten off to a flying start only to flounder. I believe they can compete this season.

Better effort by the tonight but not nearly enough intensity and grit. Powerplay continues to be their albatross.

Will you shut the fuck up about Lafreniere, Garry Galley! Biased ass.

Are you Lafreniere's publicist, Garry Galley? Shut up already.