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Jessica William

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California finished its ballot count from the 9/14 recall this month, final report coming this week. NO: 61.9% YES: 38.1% That's exactly the margin from Newsom's 2018 race, to the first decimal point. Turnout went from 12.7m that year to 12.8m this year.

Gerrymandering, the white supremacist’s weapon of choice.

There’s no doubt about it- Poverty is violence.

I will never accept a system that enables 745 billionaires to add $2.1 trillion to their wealth in 19 months but doesn’t raise the $7.25 minimum wage for 12 years.

If you are concerned how close the race in Virginia might be please consider watching and retweeting the new ad Terry McAuliffe just released today. It has 25K views. Surely we can help him get far more and spread the word.

That's $100 billion over 10 years - or half the cost of universal pre-K, which we're told we can't afford. They literally just threw it in there, extra, no questions asked, no media coverage, no political arguments. This whole funding/spending debate is so messed up.

Glenn Youngkin is on tape saying he'll BAN abortion here in Virginia. We won’t give him the chance.

Can we get trending? Retweet and drop the hashtag.

General Powell didn't die because he was fully vaccinated. He died because others weren't vaccinated…..

“Fully Vaccinated” Colin Powell dies from Covid. RIP It is a very dangerous narrative the media puts out when not mentioning Colin Powell was also battling Multiple Myeloma which put him at a much higher risk. Facts Matter.

. must cancel remaining recesses in 2021 - save for a few days after the holidays. Sinema doesn't need to go to Paris, nor Manchin on his yacht. Stay in DC and pass Biden's agenda, voting rights, and confirm Biden's judicial and cabinet picks!

I have strong libertarian proclivities. I was born and raised in Montana. I want individuals to be as free as possible. But when the exercise of your choice impacts the well-being of others, then it’s no longer an individual choice; it’s a collective choice. !

West Virginia as of 2019 had a child poverty rate of roughly 20% — with a national average of 9%

I think you got to get more physical when you say it.🤔😂😂😂☮️

Gotta love karma!! ♥️