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Portland Lights exorcising the darkness.

Just a casual reminder that in 1861, 11 Senators and 3 Representatives were expelled from Congress for failing to recognize Lincoln’s election and supporting insurrection.

Former President Trump’s family business, which is already under indictment in Manhattan, is facing a criminal investigation by another prosecutor’s office that has begun to examine financial dealings at a golf course the company owns.

The comes up for a vote this Wednesday. This is our chance to end partisan gerrymandering, stop billionaires from buying elections, and protect the right of every American to vote. I’ve been proud to help lead this bill, and we need to get it to the finish line.

Rep. Liz Cheney says Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy “has been especially active in attempting to block the investigation of events of January 6th”

"Had Jan. 6 gone Bannon's way, the Biden administration would have been killed "in its crib," or rather, never been born at all." My Lucid essay on why we must prosecute Bannon to the fullest extent allowed by the law:

I would really love to persuade you to follow . Staying engaged in the fight for honest and accountable government is pretty much the only way forward. (And unlike me, it doesn’t take the Project On Government Oversight three tries to post a tweet.)

Here’s the ad and didn’t want you to see.

Last month, pulled our ad, critical of Gov Abbott, from their network because it was political in nature. Yet, they allowed to host an exclusive interview with Abbott in their stadium? Hypocrisy or political influence? Either way, we won’t stand for it.

The Virginia redistricting commission process was an utter and complete failure because it relied on Republicans to act in good faith. Now, it looks like we are all headed to the Virginia State Supreme Court.

They are attempting to destroy the historical meaning of every symbol associated with democracy.

The media is talking exclusively about the cost of the Build Back Better bill — ignoring what's actually in it. Meanwhile, they're mischaracterizing this unprecedented show of worker power as a "labor shortage." Join me live now to set the record straight.

Truth: the top photo is from Melbourne, Australia in 2012; the bottom photo is from the US in 2018, while Trump was president.

Democrats agreed to scale back a plan for the IRS to try to crack down on tax cheats, bowing to an aggressive lobbying campaign by the banking industry and pushback from Republicans.

Bring back Covid rules amid rising UK cases, urge NHS chiefs

VIRGINIA Democrats, The choice is clear. ✅Vote Terry McAuliffe for Governor 🚫OR go full-blown MAGA [video: ]

Way more impressive than billionaires racing to space

We’re suing DOJ after it failed to respond to our request for records of conversations involving Bill Barr, including conversations with Mark Meadows, Mitch McConnell, and meetings at DOJ and White House.

Trump Loses In Texas: Election Audit Bill He Begged For Dies In GOP-Led Legislature Damn ... A Trump loss in Texas!?!? That REALLY sucks for him.