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Jessica William

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Aaaahahaha same thing happened to me couldn’t believe it when the glasses arrive I actually saw the world we lived in. Was such a difference lol 😂

Ok guys so I found out this week that I can barely see so here’s a pic of me wearing my first set of prescription glasses 🤓 I can’t believe I’ve been living almost blind and didn’t even notice. Twitter looks extra clear today

VICTORY for dogs! 🎉💕🐕 California will officially allow community canine blood banks, where healthy dogs can make a vital difference, then return home to their loving families. Thank you to all PETA supporters, , and others who spoke out!

HUGE NEWS: Francis Collins who ignored the failure of animal experiments announces RESIGNATION! 🙌 Thank you to everyone who joined us in calling for a new leader who prioritizes human-relevant, animal-free research.

Living in the light

. and hit the blue carpet of the "Eating Our Way To Extinction" premiere

Wow, looked AMAZING at the premiere Of


No one does vegan life like . Wishing the happiest of birthdays to you!

Happy Birthday to our compassionate friend ! 💋🎂✨ Thank you for using your voice to inspire empathy for animals! We 💗 you.

Your summer breakup anthem has arrived 🔥

Surprise at midnight…

Ask me anything 🤟🏼

Today is ! 💙🐳🐬 They MUST stop breeding dolphins & whales, stop imprisoning animals, & release them to seaside sanctuaries ASAP—it’s long overdue. Retweet if you agree & share all the things you'd rather do instead of going to SeaWorld.

Veggie dogs for everyone! Capitol Hill received veggie dogs from the one and only at PETA’s 25th Congressional Veggie Dog Luncheon today 😋🌭🌱

Teaming up with , dishes up some veggie dogs for members of Congress in Washington