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Don’t call this patriotism. Call it terrorism.

Joe Manchin raked in $400,000 from the oil and gas industry last quarter, including contributions from traditionally Republican donors. Now he’s opposing clean energy legislation. It’s not called coincidence. It’s called oligarchy.

Every time the scientists look at the data, they come back to us & say the is worse than we thought. That's why I'm fighting for a big down payment in the reconciliation bill to fight against the . We must act now.

Call me a radical Lefty, but I don’t think a senator negotiating clean energy legislation should be allowed to own stock in a coal brokerage company.

Note to Arizona voters: Kyrsten Sinema raised more campaign money in the last 3 months than in any quarter since she became a senator, with a big assist from the pharmaceutical and financial industries.

Subpoena Kevin McCarthy.

You don't trust science. You work on nuclear weapons.

Only the guilty dont want to get to the truth of January 6th.

A few things I believe in... A Womans Right to Choose. Ending the Filibuster. Voting Rights Legislation. Healthcare is a Right. Expanding the Court. Transition to Geen Jobs. Ending Citizens United. Climate Change. DC-PR Statehood. Higher Wages. Unions.

Who else thinks it's obscene that Americans are paying pharmaceutical companies more for the world’s top 20 selling drugs than the rest of the world...combined?

All our veterans throughout the years, have served, fought and died for a democracy where everyone has the right to vote. The radical republicans are doing their best to make all those veterans sacrifices and the sacrifices of those veterans families be for naught.

Serious question: Why is Election Day not a national holiday?

As the daughter of a Vietnam Vet, who is also his care giver, please stop with the phony platitudes. If you cared, you’d follow through on your promise of a new VA clinic. You’d actually advocate for their care. You don’t, and you never have. That’s why I’m voting

Agreed. Krebs says U.S. is in "death spiral" of democracy if effort to undermine elections continue - CBS News

Trump speaking to Ashli Babbitt's family is a lesson Trump learned from Hitler. After Hitler's 1923 failed coup he honored those killed waging his coup. Here's Hitler speaking to widow of Nazi party member who died in coup. It's from US Holocaust museum:

This Indigenous Peoples' Day, let us remember the native communities disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and resolve ourselves to ending inequality and racism in healthcare access.

What specifically is the “it” of which they are sick and cannot take anymore? I need details.

How would one go about getting trending?