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Jessica William

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I'm actually at a point where I am over this game Not because they losing but simply the way they call plays Too greedy imo

Big milestone — 1/2 million of us from Shelby County have been vaccinated! Thankful for our City team who took over public vaccinations on Feb 24, including , , & Tiffany Collins. Also thankful for all our partners in this effort.

i am a bit put off that they can’t just grow the eff up but if you need a teddy bear you need a teddy bear 🤷‍♀️

Our nurses, doctors, technicians, and first responders have gone above and beyond to provide care and comfort to patients in this battle with COVID-19. and I see you and recognize the work you have done to keep our communities safe and healthy. You are heroes.

WANTED! Jonathan Pollock aka aka is wanted by the FBI. He has been charged in connection with the Capitol Riot and is currently a fugitive from Justice. PLEASE RETWEET!

BREAKING NEWS: President Biden announces a bombshell plan to end the filibuster, or at the very least “fundamentally alter” it, in order to finally stop Mitch McConnell’s systematic dismantling of our Democracy. RT IF YOU THINK THAT BIDEN MUST END THE FILIBUSTER!

Thank you staff! Thank you for your partnership! Starting in 2016 with reopening neighborhood libraries on Fridays, we have greatly increased funding, hours of operation, programming, and attendance in the last 5 years.

We would like to thank everyone who joined Wednesday night's stream with TFP's Co-Founders Rick, Joel and Senior Developer Lathan! () Here is the video for those who missed the event!

Memphis Public Libraries is the only public library system in the country with its own television and radio station, and its branches receive more than two million visits a year.

Have a strange urge to watch Dakota Skye tonight

A warning from Harvard Professor Steven Levitsky…

There are opportunities for everyone at the City of Memphis! Join us October 21 at Raleigh Springs Civic Center (3384 Austin Peay) from 12 - 5 p.m! More info:

Said it before, saying it again: No matter how many billions of dollars in CGI you throw at me, two actors in rubber suits will ALWAYS get me hyped 🦖 vs 💩

I was an RN for 18 years. Every year I had to get vaccinations in order to protect my patients. If you no longer believe in the science behind your profession, you need to find a new job.

The Cincinnati Zoo said 80 of its animals have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine designed for veterinary use.