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As a Black Republican, Colin Powell challenged party to be more inclusive — ⁦

Bacon also said that kind of rhetoric is exactly why suburban voters fled the GOP under Trump. “It’s because of stuff like this,” Bacon said.

Selected to the NBA's 75th Anniversary Team... John Stockton!

I have a hard time reconciling how someone could call themselves a Christ follower and think this is appropriate. Sadly some do

Trump is consumed with the knowledge he will never command the same respect reserved for leaders like McCain, Bush, or Powell. Donald Trump will be remembered in death as he was in life: A hateful, broken, man who always chose himself over his country.

Trump’s pattern of contempt for our military is complemented by his admiration for the kind of foreign authoritarians and strongmen American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines have so often been called to defeat. In 2020, he referred to our troops as ‘suckers and losers.’

The current Republican frontrunner for President 2024 on the death of Colin Powell. When will conservatives rise up and put an end to this political madness? Save America indeed.

BREAKING: Concern Mounting Over Nothing In Particular

Opinion: Biden did not run to stage a revolution. Progressives should stop demanding one.

Everyone im the glam rock scene in the 70s David Bowie Prince John Taylor in his Power Station days Marylin Pete Burns I mean come on with this shit. Billy Porter didn't spring out of the earth fully formed. There were four decades of people who came before him who did it first

Colin Powell didn't die because he was vaccinated. he died because you weren't

Colin Powell's death says nothing about vaccine effectiveness. He had a blood cancer, which decreases effectiveness of vaccine and makes it harder to fight infection. Rather, it shows a big reason why we should all wear masks & get vaccinated: to protect the immune compromised.

When folks think about highly vaccinated places in America They think Vermont or CT or MA Those places are good But not the most vaccinated place in America So who's #1? Puerto Rico! But PR has gotten way too little attention Its worth reflecting on how they did it Thread

Since 1990, GDP per capita has grown exponentially - helping billions of people out of poverty around the world. The scale of growth has differed by region.

Pete Buttigieg could kick Tucker Carlson’s ass.

Good morning. There’s power in withholding your labor. It’s your right.

Mike Lee has lost his way. ❌Voted against the 9/11 First Responders bill ❌Voted against the Violence Against Women Act ❌Voted against tax cuts for Utah families

Cool to see Mel Gibson got a new gig as a school administrator in Texas.