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This is exactly how govt “pays for” stuff. This is where the $$ comes from. “You find the votes, NOT the money.” - Stephanie Kelton

Austerity isn’t about how big the Govt deficit is. Deficits aren’t inherently good or bad. Austerity is a deliberate undermining/underfunding of public purpose to the benefit of private interests.

When it comes to our military, our government issues our national currency when Congress votes to pay for bombs & such. When it comes to addrsssing rapid ecological collapse, money comes from tax payers who can’t afford to save our children:

Of course not. Russia is also a petro-nation.

🇬🇧 is a parliamentary system so considering Greens etc isn’t at all necessarily foolish.

BREAKING: Attorneys Marty Garbus and Ron Kuby just demanded that U.S. Attorney General Garland release me to comply with international law based on the recent United Nations legal ruling. Chevron's private prosecution violates the rule of law.

Taxes are for subtraction, not addition. HMT doesn’t “get” anything when it redeems a tax credit—i.e. accepts its own currency (a tax credit) in payment of tax.

OMG I’m not crying, you’re crying

When you come you best come correct. has the damn receipts.

In case you missed it, the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans now own a record-breaking one-third of all shares of stock, and the richest 10 percent own almost 90 percent of all shares. Never in the history of this country has corporate wealth been more concentrated.

No private person or entity MUST accept dollars. Only the gov't MUST accept dollars, specifically for the payment of its own taxes. THAT is the promise (debt) it owes, and it's a promise (DEBT) it can always satisfy.

Cori Bush & Jamaal Bowman Tear CNN Host Apart Over Ridiculous Questions

Black and Asian women MPs face far greater abuse

Absolutely incredible. This judge wants Donziger dead. The DoJ needs to step in here.

Ahmaud Arbery was not just killed. He was not just murdered. He was lynched. A Black man going for a run was lynched. White supremacy must be dismantled.

That is not the theory of inflation though. A price rise in one type of commodity due to demand is not a rise in the general price level.