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Jessica William

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I dreamed of you again At the bottom of the hill We commune Beset my fear and trepidation I survey the hill to the start This is it. Miserere booming in the air. Yet we dance gently to the beat of my pain.

1/ More than a million nurses will leave the workforce by 2026, according to a recent estimate. Meanwhile, demand will keep rising. California and New York are both expected to face a shortage of more than 500,000 nurses.

We’re No. 1! So honored and delighted. Thanks for reading.

Trump told Republican donors last week that he's not into "golden showers." Tea doth think the pervert protests too much. RT if you think From host

As soon as this is enacted, Texas will be sued.

3rd night blues. I am hangry.

Wanna hear a joke? *Decaf coffee*

Save America and end the filibuster.

The American people spoke. My Build Back Better Agenda and Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal are what 81 million Americans voted for when they voted for me. Their voice deserves to be heard. Not denied.

With Gaetz and Jordan showing up to try and disrupt the hearing, Rep. Torres throws greatest shade ever at them: “This is not about somebody paying to have sex with a young girl, or somebody not protecting people that are under their jurisdiction. This is about our democracy.”

Joe Manchin promising to get 10 GOP votes on the Freedom to Vote Act and delivering zero is like some loser who gets invited to a party because he says he can "bring all these chicks & tons of beer" but he really shows up with his cousin Delbert and a six pack of Keystone Light.

Harder and faster.

Pick your color ladies, we are going riding.

Just because you needed a break from the BS.

Nothing is worse than an old Chester the Molester.

Pucker up Mark Zuckerberg. DC AG is coming for you.

Joe Manchin Makes $500K a Year From One of the Dirtiest Coal Plants in West Virginia via