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Jessica William

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i don’t know who needs to hear this but, people knowing about the things and people you love or the things you love doing cannot ruin your blessing. no one has dominion over the overflow in your life, but you.

Create art from your heart. Save up some money. Get yourself some dope merch. Invest in your own PA / sound equipment. Book your own events (house shows, art galleries, coffee shops, record stores, DIY festivals). Promote ART…Not liquor sales. Take the power of the artist back.

And if you think "but (politician I love) could never rise through the ranks here" then fix those obstacles. There are brilliant, passionate, committed people in every community and if they're being kept out of politics it's everyone's loss.

"Notice the one who already lives in your neighborhood" is actually solid advice anytime you feel envy for another city's politician.

Also, even a cursory review of Alicia's website shows she cherrypicks research (from libertarian/Koch Bros-connected orgs) to cite why more police are good, while ignoring the tons of other research and simple historical facts that show more police doesn't actually reduce crime.

Really appreciate you for your ongoing research on OSN and the important points you make about Alicia Gibson's connections to OSN and their co-conspirator, racist campaigns determined to exploit tragedies, undermine progress, and uphold the status quo.

Did you know Alicia Gibson is an Operation Safety Now endorsed candidate, a group with no disclosed funding sources? How about her adoption of anti-Semitic talking points regarding funding of the Yes 4 Minneapolis? I’ve asked her multiple times and got 🦗🦗🦗

“Our current public safety model is not designed to keep us safe — certainly not those of us from immigrant communities or Black Minnesotans. It's designed to keep us in line…”

working with people who are communicative + generous with sharing resources etc is really so wonderful

We’re at Phelps Field Park today until 3pm for our first city-wide Minneapolis People’s Assembly! We’re discussing what are the community safety problems, solutions, and action steps we want to take towards real safety in Minneapolis.

The CDC guidelines still state that group shelters *are not safe* and the only option safer than encampments is *individual shelter*, but the folks with the money simply do not care about safety.

Presence matters. If you are unable to attend, you can also show solidarity with Loyace’s family by sharing/contributing to their gofundme here:

The Men Of MARCH are hosting a vigil on behalf of the Foreman Family on Sunday, September 19th @ 3pm at Mt Olivet Baptist Church, 451 Central Ave W St Paul MN 55103. Please attend if you are able

The sister of Loyace Foreman, III just sent me this photo of her brother and some of his artwork. She told me he was a perfectionist and encouraged him to share his art with the world. He’s the fourth victim in the quadruple homicide.

“My work has always been about healing and action for girls of color, specifically young black girls. My work is NOT about the taking down of powerful men.”

Everyone wants to put people into these little neat boxes labeled OPPRESSOR and OPPRESSED. That's... not how it works.