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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Hey! you guys can't find me? Its a sad day when an old man can play hide & seek, then again most of ya weren't looking... my dog crapped in yer yard btw.🙃

obviously this is going nowhere, so I think I'll work on replacing my Milwaukee drill's power cord.

well that was easy, reply to someone, and Poof! I'm invisible.

If I type this surely it will be ignored. Signed: Sir Completely Irrelevant Co Signed: Ethel The Frog

Hey Kiddo's, been rolling through the wasteland. Its not that bad though its really freaking kinda of dusty.

Ok, When I start working on the Lake house's pump and boat sheds, I think I should be called... wait for it. Christopher Two Sheds.

As a kid I used to jump off the roof into the swimming pool. And today, I can barely jump out of my pick up truck.

For some stupid reason I told Mom she could cut my hair. That was before she told me she was going to use her dog's shears. Crap! thinkin' I'll disappear tomorrow.

I named a lizard Margaret, what? get off me already.

Leave ya with this

And now something from my soon to be released book 'What? get off me man.' Chapter 2: European Vacation So here we are in Germany, unfortunately I'm not old enough to drive on the autobahn. Basically I was Mom's co-pilot, changing 3 cassette tapes over & over as we rolled along

Chapter 1 Milton The Hedgehog. Milton was a very happy rodent, scurrying about the shrubs, yet he always pined for the forest...

and now I'd like to tell ya about 'Larry The Crustacean'

woo-hoo, reply deboosted... Thanks Mr. Algorithm, may I have another?

so I was working on the lake house plumbing, when Mom tells me she's gotta go. I told her ta hit the back yard cause the waters turned off. I could only think of all those years of me peeing on the side of Interstate 95 between Jacksonville & Miami. Karma's a funny thing.🙃

I learned the term 'Proactive' in junior high school. I rode a bicycle to school and knew I had to carry a 9/16"-1/2" open end wrench after watching my friends front wheels fall off. End of every school day, unlocked my bike, checked front and rear wheel axle nuts.

Mom still calls one of her neighbors 'Sh*thead'. The Wrath Of Mom is endless and unforgiving, I tell ya.

If I had a hamster, I would name it 'Arthur' cause I can.

I think politicians should have to survive a game of dodge ball... I mean the incumbent, antique old farts wouldn't make it past the first round.

and now for something completely different. Years ago, I had to hide my Kawasaki Ninja 900 in a friend of a friends garage, cause my Mother hated motorcycles. Eventually I brought it home. Didn't get any better, I could still here her screeching while wearing a full face helmet🙃