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Jessica William

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Hello everyone!! I finally made a shop with some Art prints of my artwork. - I have 6 prints available and 5 that come in 3 textures: Fibre Gloss, Textured Cotton & Textured Cotton Rag. Link to the Shop💜: Hope you can purchase some art !!

⭐️ARTSHARE⭐️ Rule: ⭐️Drop ur latest work loudly😊👌⭐️No NSFW, but mild is okay😯 (yep that's it) Bonus: 💯Like, Rt, and tag ur lovely moots❤️💯Drop ur DTIYS if you have☺️

Thanks for the artshare, and thanks for the MANY tags I received from all of you😍🥰🥰 I just finished my latest OC: Meet Lady Herstal, named after the famous Belgian city of steel and coal.

Please support. You get an awesome shirt and sticker while helping someone in need ❤ if we can spend money to spoil ourselves we can do it while helping others too!

Thank you for the art share! My name is Lu and I’ve only been drawing for a few months. I like these pieces because they show how I’ve grown as an artist in the last couple of months.

“When we all fall asleep, where do we go?”

more examples ↓

after like 3 years, i finally feel confident in my art again 🥲

WIP: just some gals bein' pals. (they 'totes smooch, like, all the time.)

Red and purple? Am I doing this right?! Here's my art... Warning! Possible eye strain. You can buy my prints on:

Show me pieces that are both red AND purple link!

Good afternoon brahs 😎🌞 Just chugged a Monster & getting right into the art this weekend, muscles aren't as sore rn and my sleep's gotten better so focus is peaking. So here's a pic of Camille & Veigar I drew last year as I work on some current stuff. Have a good day ya'll😄

Halloween. Illustration i made for a contest.

android users unlocking their phones