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On Tuesday, attorneys resumed questioning potential jurors in the Ahmaud Arbery trial — at least 11 pool members have been dismissed since jury selection began

Someone refresh my memory please. Is Bannon still up on charges for the build-a-wall scam?

According to my timeline, today is National I've been blocked by an a$$ Day. 🤣🤣🤣

“A prescription for national self destruction…”. The powerful words before a big vote tonight. ===>

UPDATED PHOTOS: the needs help identifying people wanted for assaulting law enforcement during the Jan 6th violence at the Capitol. If you recognize #252 or #477, submit a tip to 1-800-CALL-FBI or . More:

Because we all need a rooster in blue jeans on our timelines today 🐓👖

My oldest brother is a cold case. His killer(s) have yet to be found. My father, now retired at 90, was in the original group who founded (Families Of Homicide Victims and Missing Persons). Give them a follow or visit their website to help. They're doing great work ❤️

I think it's pretty obvious that tfg doesn't know the difference between the Declaration (which TJ did indeed draft) and the Constitution. In his defense, most middle school students struggle to tell those documents apart as well.

Hey : You represent me and my voice. It's time to step up for democracy and vote YES on the Freedom to Vote Act. It's time to put country before party.

early voting 🗳 is now!! GOTV! 🗳🗳👇👇🗳👇👇👇

🚨🚨RATINGS UPDATE 🚨🚨 Control of the Virginia House of Delegates moves from Leans Democratic to Tossup. Read the latest from to see which races we've shifted and the current state of the chamber:

Good morning!☀️ Have you checked your voter registration status lately?🤔🗳

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger—who we thought had some sense—is now saying we don’t need section 5 of the VRA because history has changed and the Supreme Court said so in 2013. He said it was supposed to be temporary, but that’s not true.

Reminder that this nonsense is why Virginia is now #2 on my list of states most likely to get sued. Right behind Texas.

Money For Green Energy Creates Significantly More Jobs Than Fossil Fuel Investment, New Study Finds

Isn't it time to catch up with the rest of the world?