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Jessica William

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Please help me get the word out about running for Texas HD 114. Follow, retweet, and support him anyway you are able. Here we come TX GOP.

Wow. Now how could this have happened??? Wife Of Powerful Sen. Joe Manchin Unanimously Confirmed By Senate To Commission via

Bannon’s passport should be retrieved asap.

Found on a christian website. 🙄

Dear 1. This video trended #1 on Twitter yesterday. 2. It has 1.6 million views in 18 hours. 3. This is only Part 1. Part II is coming.

BREAKING: The Supreme Court has declined to block a vaccine mandate for Maine healthcare workers. This is a huge win for public health!

I want to urge journalists, especially investigative journalists, to dig into ENERSYSTEMS in West Virginia and the Manchin family. How it works, follow the money. I was a Private investigator for 15 years before becoming an author. Trust me when I tell you there is a LOT there.

Republican Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama was about a month late in disclosing that he sold up to $50,000 worth of stock in the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which appears to violate the STOCK Act. We'll say it again: Ban Congressional stock trading now.

We’ll assume each & every & member is ok with this, unless they show enough spine to disavow it.

No decent human being will defend Trump’s malevolent, spiteful, narcissistic statement on Gen. Powell. But those Republicans who keep silent today will speak volumes about how Trump has debased them and their once-great party. Candidates with no courage never deserve our votes.

Holy shit ... aren't there rules about this kind of thing?

Funny how all the bots with under 10 followers came out to defend Joe Manchin when my video hit #1 on Twitter. Now ask yourself who DIRECTED and PAID for those bots to go into action immediately after we hit #1.

With greedy, selfish, do-nothing Senators like $8 Million Manchin, West Virginia might be better off with NO Senator at all. Really, what would be the difference?

Here's the US House Select Jan 6 committee report recommending Contempt of Congress finding against Steve Bannon, for refusing to comply with subpoena Link:

JUST IN: The Jan. 6 select committee has released its report and resolution calling for BANNON to be referred to DOJ for criminal contempt charges.

Wow. Hey. Congratulations ! is the #1 trending video on Twitter today! Way to go you corrupt AF POS. Your enemy, Don Winslow