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Jessica William

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😋as I translate my Children's Book into Luxembourg's 3 national languages (Lëtzebuergesch, Deutsche & français) are the initial-3 pages of each 🧑‍🌾👩‍🌾🙏😎 1/3:

Presentations + Q&A: Western parents don't know how to bring up their children via …a few resonating comments…especially…the need for meal-time rituals

It was in my lifetime that our waterways were too polluted and dangerous to swim in, drink from, or be free of toxic contaminants. The was critical in our efforts to finally clean up our waterways so we could enjoy them again.

Foreign investors pile into London, making it Europe's 'cleantech' capital -->

North America's battery industry is on fire! - 60GWh, Canada Stromvolt - 10GWh, Canada - est. 30-40GWh, U.S. / LG ES - 40GWh, U.S. Stellantis / Samsung SDI - ??GWh, U.S. >140GWh of capacity announcements, 508GWh needed by 2030.

Ire over Georgia Power’s coal ash plan: 'Don’t gamble with our lives' - The Current

▶️ Brussels 'will not allow' Poland to put EU values 'at risk'

Pleased to announce Foleshill Health Centre has now formally received Passivhaus Classic certification from the Passivhaus Institut in Germany. It is now officially the first NHS Passivhaus building.

Homeowners in England and Wales will be offered grants worth £5,000 to replace old gas boilers with low carbon heat pumps

Profound discussion on 🇪🇺 role on Human Trafficking with 's "We must turn trafficking from a low risk, high profit crime, to a high risk, low profit crime.” Next events➡️Today & conferences

The Govt has to realise that insulating cold homes lessens CO2 emissions *and* poverty. Good for planet and people.

Future historians — if there are any future historians, that is, if civilization doesn't collapse — will be astonished that we let the planet burn for the sake of an industry that employs less than 3 percent of workers even in West Virginia

"Unfortunately, this intolerance and aggressiveness is dividing democratically oriented people.”

wäre ja nicht so wahnsinnig schwer zb die Übersicht zu googeln ⬇️

ESPN’s Jon Gruden in 2016: The NFL should “cut” Colin Kaepernick for protesting. ABC’s Howard Cosell in 1968:

What would a successful look like? How about a world war-sized mobilisation in every high-emitting country to decarbonise as quickly as possible. Anything else will result in mass death and an increasingly uninhabitable world.

A page one from a high school civics textbook from 1948.