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Jessica William

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Where's everyone from ? I'm from Central California. Not being nosey just a tad bit curious .

Wtf !! I got to keep masking to protect all those that refused to wear them in the first place the same ones that refuse a vaccine now . Pisses me right off !!!

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Hey resisters! I’m 110 followers away from 2k… Could I get a little push please?? I follow back!

I wonder if UFOs are just billionaires from other planets ?

Lauren Boebert apparently finds being offered a mask by a House staffer offensive & felt the need to throw the face mask to staffer's face.Well...I find her being a member of Congress to be offensive. Can we dispose of her like the trash she is?

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Blue Lives Matter - except Jan. 6th Tough on terrorists- except white nationalists My body, my choice! - for masks & vaccines only Cancel culture’s bad - except when I do it Deport undocumented - except my nanny No big govt - except banning private business requiring proof of vax

Do not be so quick to give up because things are not moving fast enough for you. Be patient. This fight is different. Your persistence and patience is required. America has summoned you. She Knows Your Strength. Do not disappoint Her.

The highly contagious Delta variant will decimate the unmasked, unvaccinated MAGA crowd, very soon.

I'm done. Unseat them. Prosecute them. No playing nice, these criminals must be held accountable NOW!

Just wanted to say hello to you all , it's hard to interact with everyone but this is my attempt .

I still have such a hard time with the mask hysteria. A nation that can comply with no shoes no shirt no service at 7-11 should not be so torn apart by this, no?

I remember when smoking was banned in indoor public places. Smokers carried on about their freedoms & rights then too. But courts ruled that the rest of us had a more important right -to not have to breathe smoke & get sick. This is a similar time.

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Never said this before, but we HATE this lowlife!! One million views. Keep retweeting if you think should be kicked off Twitter for continuing to spread Covid disinformation.