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Jessica William

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"Being American is more than a pride we inherit, it's the past we step into and how we repair it." Amanda Gorman

Listen to . Vote NO on September 14th to stop the Republican Recall.

right after his lap dog Kevin McCarthy.

MICHELLE STEEL: πŸ’°Cashing checks from a dead women. πŸ’°Laundering $50k from the dead woman's husband πŸ’°Laundering $49k through her own sister πŸ’°Awarding a John Wayne Airport contract in exchange for $80k laundered through a secret PAC πŸ’°Etc etc etc

Please follow and support , who's running against to represent Colorado's 3rd District in the House of Representatives:

Kevin McCarthy is scared tonight. Scared of the truth that's coming.

Kevin McCarthy's weakness and lies will be on full display.

Marsha Blackburn is against a minimum wage increase for Tennessee. She thinks that Tennesseans aren’t worth more than $7.25 per hour.

On this most powerful day watching the bravery and sacrifices of true heroes. I will have some amazing campaign news to share later today. A game changer in my bid to remove GQP minority leader Kevin McCarthy from his disgraceful cowardly lifelong political career. Keep it here.

Is there any American watching this hearing who is not horrified by the videos and the facts? Is there any American who is not seeing, if not for our brave law enforcement, how close our Democracy came to something worse? Is there any American still saying they believe Trump?

Kevin McCarthy did not want the American people to hear this testimony β€” to hear the voices of those who defended democracy during its darkest hour.

Omg, how can anyone watch this officer testify at the select committee hearing and not fight back tears along with him? It’s cathartic to hear the brutal truth about 1/6, plain spoken by these heros. Thank God for them. πŸ™Œ

Elections have consequences. HARLEY ROUDA narrowly lost re-election because Democrats didn't turn out. Now is in the hands of Michelle Steel, a GOP ideologue & Q-Anon conspiracy theorist. This cannot happen again! Send back to Congress.

3. Wray and Kavanaugh overlapped at Yale law school, worked together during the George W. Bush administration, and are both members of the right-wing Federalist Society

Looking around the table at the public servants has brought into his cabinet, I feel more optimistic than ever about what's possible for America in the years ahead.

NEW: 75% of California’s eligible population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. 77% of our adult population has received at least one dose. Get vaccinated. Protect yourself. Protect your loved ones.

We're starting to see more and more of those "damn, I didn't get vaxxed now I'm dying of COVID" articles, but the audience that really needs to see them watches FOX, who doesn't show them. They are doomed.

I’m so excited to share that California is establishing 2 new park youth access programs! 🎟 Every 4th grader will get a FREE annual pass to 19 ! 🌲 Library cardholders can check out a FREE day-use pass!