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Jessica William

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The met should have just said the theme was prom night

The first ever NGC Bocas Youth Fest is jam-packed with youthful energy! Livestreaming on 19 August from Facebook and YouTube, it's free & open to the online public. Tickets or registration are NOT required! Tune in! Full programme:

Today's comment section

Jeremy did not give what he thought he was giving

Now who put Charlie in that outfit

Kyra just because you won't yell at your cheating man dosen't mean other people can't yell at who they want to.

Genny brought up the conversation but now she's done with it cause Shannon talked back?

Everyone understanding that Cinco should have been given the pie is what I call character development.

Josh flinging that pie in Genny's face because he knew his girl didn't like her is peak boyfriend material.

Cash baby he's a number just subtract yourself from that equation that's all😭😭😭

Korey is not Cash's friend because he saw Cinco dusty self with Leslie and didn't tell her about it.

A plea to Ariana Grande and her team, now that you're officially a Mrs. can we please have a new honeymoon album. Honeymoon part 2. congrats tho boo we love you.

Now which one you funny bastards is responsible for this??? Because I am HERE for it. 😂😂😂😭

I said what I said.

Life does find interesting ways to mess things up.

I've got a new profile cause Twitter salty.