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PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Can someone please tell my cats my body is not a launching pad? 🚀

Come to Ontario where the Premier won't recognize systemic racism or raise the minimum wage to a livable income.

I miss when bands stuck hidden tracks at the end of their album.

If I woke up from a year long coma and was told it was 5am, I would still go back to sleep

The fastest thing in the universe isn’t the speed of light. It’s the trajectory of a narcissist from villain to victim in his own mind.

You may think things are worse than you think but they're actually much worse than that.

Overcooking rice into a creepy blob of white sludge takes a certain kind of talent 💁‍♀️

Dear MSM, We don’t need anymore stories of people who quit or got fired for not getting vaccinated. They are not heroes. They are not martyrs. There is nothing brave about their actions. They fucked around, and found out. We simply don’t care… — The Vaccinated

4 months, 47 lbs down Rest in Power McConnell face

Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca to Premier Doug Ford: "Get out of the 1950's, take a look at modern Ontario, be comfortable with it and support it."

Steve Martin and Jerry Garcia, 1974

When Doug Ford stays on script, he can barely read the script. When he goes off script, he reminds us who he really is.

particle board - the bologna of wood

Doug Ford is a racist piece of shit. That’s the Tweet.

Over 1 million Canadians mixed vaccines!! These are real numbers and proof it works. Mixing and Matching COVID-19 Doses Might Be More Effective | Time