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A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer. -Bruce Lee

Time has come for alleged pedophile/all around low life Matt Gaetz to be charged/arrested. Also, I continue to believe that Nestor may be Gaetz's biological son that he had with his then underage GF who he claims is Nestor's sister. Here she is receiving a car from his parents:

If Cuomo is guilty of sexual harassment then he should resign. Madison Cawthorn is a sexual predator. Matt Gaetz is accused of sexual activities with underage girls. Trump is accused of RAPE. Trump, Cawthorn, & Gaetz should be ARRESTED.

Matt Gaetz was VENMOing 17 year old girls and he’s on the House Judiciary Committee and no one is hounding him to resign from Congress.

If you’re for vaccinations and saving lives, please take a second to share my pinned tweet. I feel it’s the most important message I’ve posted.

Last year I shared that my former co worker and friend lost a battle with covid 19. Here is his sons story that has gained national attention. Get vaccinated !!

A must watch. The cascading effects of COVID shatter the ENTIRE health system. People will die from other causes because they can’t get care. So very tragic, and avoidable.

Something I learned while I was a military policeman: When Jim Jordan claims he can't remember his call with Trump on January 6th, the way he keeps looking up and to the right? Signals he's lying.

Hey- what about the handwritten notes released last week that nail the case against Trump trying to overthrow the last election by demanding DOJ do him a favor and say the election was corrupt? Anything gonna come of a sitting president doing such a thing?

BREAKING NEWS: Florida Gov. DeSantis GOES OFF on a reporter who asks him if a mask mandate would have saved the 7 Florida children currently fighting for their lives in the Intensive Care Unit, calling the reporter’s question “deplorable.” RT IF YOU THINK DESANTIS IS DEPLORABLE!

(🔐) BREAKING NEWS: Three Obscure Pre-Insurrection Meetings Require Immediate Congressional Investigation No matter how much you think you know about January 6, you probably haven't heard about these critical events. I hope you'll subscribe, read, and RT.

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16yo in Oklahoma was handling a loaded gun when it went off, sending a bullet through a wall into the next room and right into his mom’s head, killing her. Seeing what he had done, he turned the gun on himself. These things don’t happen in other countries.

Congratulations to Democrat Shontel Brown for winning today’s U.S. House special election in OH-11. She defeated the toxically divisive Nina Turner, who helped give Trump a first term and tried to give Trump a second term. This is a good day for democracy.

Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman (ret) speaks out on the fate of democracy 'Here, right matters only if we make it matter': Vindman on lessons from exposing Trump via

Sen. Joe Manchin entertained a small group of senators on his houseboat -- and Sen. Lindsey Graham and Matt Gaetz was in attendance, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Manchin's office is unhappy because the information got out.

"Aliens ride past earth and lock their doors"

If you want to make sure Dems win in 2022 comments yes, retweet and follow anyone who comments. Go!

DeSantis never tells the truth about Covid. Sad

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t stand this ad, so retweet it far and wide.