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Jessica William

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We Parthians wanted to spend your special day with the kids who are less fortunate. What else can be a better way than to celebrate your birthday with these children from a care center in 𝘾𝙝𝙚𝙣𝙣𝙖𝙞. Hope u loved this small gesture

: A house got washed away by strong water currents of a river in Kottayam's Mundakayam yesterday following heavy rainfall.

After 42 years, fans are still finding joy in the humorous characters, absurd plots and subtle lessons that have kept the book's cultural legacy strong.

Hey what is wrong with you why throw this warning messages when when I post some old pic 🤦‍♀️👊

When he goes out somewhere and dmif fanmeet doesn’t happen no that’s not possible

Me right now every now and then visiting Parths new account 🙃

Aakash has more views than Parth in the iFantasize posts now, he made it a reel we know reels reach more people than posts. When you have a Senapathi like why fear ❤️ When he calls someone as darling he means it ❤️

I’m loving this new feature in Along with top, recent, Reels tab is also included in hashtags search

Though he is doing hatke stuff still adding parth samthaan’s touch This account is so precious, i hope someone is saving everything bcz kya pata once shoot ends dnt know will this account be available or not

When he has the fantasy of becoming a rockstar umm bruh.. The biggest rockstar already I know is also you my Manik Malhotra🙃 His hashtag he know what will make us go crazy this look n this hashtags 😍❤️

I guess its asked by her frnds 👀 ya engagement is important i guess its helps one to get out of elimination

Ruhi and all other contestants put stories and said their fans to increase the engagement and they need their support..

Promote Parth when others like these blue tick are promoting this might be a competition so let’s promote him more Link :

Can we wait to post, fan posts are on top posts and his posts gone on the back instead of writing big notes can we act upon it

Dreams do come true After playing few dream characters he is playing as Parth Samthaan himself in new ⁦⁩ show ⁦

On the first day posting solo pics on his story and a bit hesitant to adjust to the environment which is completely a different place for him to now supporting everyone, one week tables have turned upside down in show