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Jessica William

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That’s not true! We start surfing at 7am.

A nasty trip down the mountain after struggling with the snow chains.

Can we reflect on the fact that Australia's largest commercial media owner has been banned from YouTube for broadcasting covid disinformation - during a covid Pandemic. Honestly - how did we get here? 😰

The Morrison Government must not win the next election

Agree. I think it's far worse to put the lives of lawbreakers ahead of the unsuspecting that could end up in intensive care units because of them. I'm suspicious of 'Aussie' values surrounding secrecy that ensure criminality and harmful behaviours towards others.

The more I listen to this guy, the more I conclude he’s just out of his depth. Why has it taken so long to set a national vaccination target? Why does he now say “it’s up to us as Australians” when we meet it, when it’s a basic question of vaccine supply.

Bloody hell Australia, how the hell are we still here? The world is opening up and we are locking down. If the government who could have stopped this isn't voted out at the next election this stops being on them and starts being on the voters. What a shitshow this is.

Woo hoo! My travel exemption to leave Australia has come through so flying to Edinburgh end of August. CHAMPAGNE TIME

Skiing tomorrow! Can not wait after being denied last year.

I know it's late on a Wednesday, but who's up for a follow back party tonight? Like, Comment, RT Let's connect. Stronger Together

Hilarious and tragic at the same time. Hits the nail right on the head. 😂😢🙏

Because Gladys never comments on other states 🙄

Cold winter’s swim this morning but the bay is full of rubbish after last night’s storm, so much plastic.

Two of our lovely kids and I can’t travel to see the lad on the left in NZ on Friday as planned because allowed politics to come before a fast lockdown and has now infected my state and South Australia.