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Jessica William

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If you lie about vaccines you should be banned from everything forever.

Stand up for what you believe in, no matter the consequence! Say what you mean! Mean & back up what you say!

My name is Joseph C. Rocha. I'm a Democrat announcing my candidacy against Darrell Issa. I'm a Veteran of the US Navy who was kicked out for being Gay. I am dedicating my life to giving this district their voice back. Please retweet and follow this account to join our campaign.

Wow we are surrounded by despicable people in the south

Florida beware! You want your Governor telling you your kid can’t wear a mask and threaten to withhold funding if you don’t abide? That sound normal? What’s next? Talk about freedom? How do your rights figure in here?

Hey Family! Please follow my wonderfully sweet friend .She helps me so much and I love her!

Red States saying they’ll secede is like a 40 yr old man who has never worked a day in his life after mooching off his parents for 20+ yrs threatening to move out…

Florida has become the melting pot for covid variants thanks to fucking Ron DeSantis!

This helped me when my mom passed.

BREAKING NEWS: In a clear shot at Donald Trump, President Biden announces that he will appoint Gold Star father Khizr Khan, one of Trump’s most vocal critics, to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. RT if you think this is GREAT news!👏👏👏

Imagine being sooo fucking racist that you try to blame COVID spikes on immigrants, rather than your own abject failures as Governor. Then, when the DOJ tries to stop your deliberate racial profiling, you call it a "Constitutional Crisis." Looking at you, Greg Abbott 🖕

The top 20 most vaccinated states 𝘼𝙇𝙇 voted for President Biden. Democrats are pro-life.

Dems must GO TO WAR against the BIG LIE NOW! 2022 will be too late to convince 50% of voters that our elections are fair & results are real. Wherever the GOP can’t fix the results, they’ll refuse to accept losses. TIME FOR ACTION NOW. 32

If you are a Representative of the United States & you lose your security clearance for trying to take a loaded gun on a plane, like a fucking terrorist, you should lose your job serving this country as well. Rep. Madison Cawthorn is a domestic terrorist.