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There’s no question who won tonight’s debate. ’s outstanding performance and his vision to create good jobs and build a stronger Virginia makes it clear he’s the right choice to lead as governor!

The expanded child tax credit helps working families manage their bills and puts money back into the local economy. In August, $35 million in tax cuts went back into the pockets of hardworking Hampton Roads families.

Investing in high-speed rail is long-overdue. The Act will help us create a less car-centric future, meaning more options for business travelers and families in Oregon and across the country.

It was great to have in yesterday highlighting how the is helping Iowa. It's supporting our families AND putting $157 million a month into Iowa's economy. I'm working in Congress to extend it through the .

26 prisoners died last year from suspected or confirmed homicides in Georgia prisons. We are a nation of laws, justice, and respect for human rights. That responsibility extends to those who are incarcerated.

I’ve been working with Morris County officials, the state, and FEMA to help affected individuals get access to disaster relief. Follow the link below to see eligibility and how to apply.

The American Rescue Plan makes it easier for low-income pregnant women and young kids to get nutritious food, but I'm concerned that families will go hungry again when this help expires in a few weeks. I broke down how this aid is helping families—and how it still falls short ⬇️

The third monthly payment of the is being sent out. This tax cut will help us recover, grow our economy, and achieve a transformative reduction in child poverty.

The third round of payments will be hitting bank accounts and mailboxes today! Whether helping put food on the table or paying for child care, this vital benefit is making huge strides to end child poverty and continue our strong economic recovery.

The next round of the 's advanced Child Tax Credit payments arrives today! This vital benefit has delivered over $38.7 million in relief to over 153,000 families in our communities. It's time to make this expansion permanent!

Glenn Youngkin loves to remind everyone how thankful he is to have Donald Trump’s endorsement. Well folks, I’m thankful to have the endorsement of local leaders from across the Commonwealth. He’s running for Trump. I’m running for you.

If big corporations and the very wealthy pay their fair share, we can invest in the American people, cut taxes for the middle class, reduce health care costs, create jobs, fight climate change, and so much more.

Here's more about those Texas chicks who punched out a restaurant hostess in NYC for asking to see their proof. The woman was doing her job, as required under NYC regulations. Her assailants were snared by NYPD.

That had to be premeditated. They went there looking for a fight. That should amp up the assault & battery charges. It wasn't a one-on-one, but like a pack of wild dogs in search for the easiest prey. Hopefully they've been charged & also exposed to their community.

Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the US, will require customers and employees in indoor bars, wineries, breweries, nightclubs and lounges to provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination starting October 7, according to a new health order

BREAKING—experts unanimously recommended booster be authorized for people 65 and older and those at high risk of severe disease—GOOD. However, voted against boosters for age 16-64 for 6+ months since 2nd shot—POOR DECISION. We see waning already.

BREAKING Maricopa County Board settles with Senate GOP over subpoena for computer routers. County faced loss of hundreds of millions in revenue after GOP AG Brnovich ruled subpoena was valid. Details coming in: ▶️Senate drops subpoena but won't get routers. (more)

Wow — Trump sends letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger demanding baselessly that he “decertify” the 2020 election which he lost more than 10 months ago and announce him as the winner.

Could you imagine actually seeking Mike Lindell’s advice?

Man, the Michael Sussmann indictment seems thin. Whole basis is FBI lawyer’s “recollection” that Sussmann told him not working for a client. Yet Sussmann testified to Congress he had client. How could Durham have concluded, as is required, that a conviction is probable?