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Jessica William

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Broadway Joe and the kid Billy B. at the New York Jets training facility at Hofstra University... summer of ‘73. Please take note of Joe Willie’s short shorts and Billy B. rockin’ the plaid. 🔥 🏈

Republicans are holding troop pay hostage. This makes them a national security threat. Tell them to and stop playing games with the lives of those who offer theirs up for our country.

Stopped by tonight to wish Congrats! 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

Want to better understand the Matt Gaetz investigation (and all the shady garbage he did to get into power)? Here's a handy guide.

Alert Miya Marcano, 19, was last seen at 5 pm on Friday, September 24 in Orlando near the Central Florida Main Campus. Please call the Orange County Sherriffs Office at 407-836-4357 if you have any information. EVERYONE RETWEET

Time for our next game of - the finest Twitter trivia game to ever stump a Republican! >>> According to the 1860 Census, what percent of Southerners owned slaves? Be sure to check back for hints, vote and retweet!

This is a war and your is your weapon. If you have any ❓❓❓ about this site is an excellent resource. Please help others confirm their voting status as well. Democracy may depend upon it.

Anti-Vaxxer gets interviewed by my corn dog.

Am I too demanding & difficult for family & friends? If they see how sick I am I can’t expect them to love me. When I’m no fun, in bed crying, & can’t function…from an illness??? is if you love me, you would LOVE 🤟me. ⚕️🪦🎗

People who make $7.25 to $15 an hour are eligible for government assistance, so either you want everyone to have a livable income or you want more government welfare. It's truly mind-numbing trying to explain to conservatives that raising wages is good conservative legislating.

Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day! Get a head start and register. Then use tomorrow to encourage others. ❤️🤍💙

The only thing that should be trending related to Candace Owens is this epic video.

A majority of Americans support the Build Back Better plan because it invests in infrastructure, schools, healthcare and so many other critical safety nets that will protect our children and seniors while strengthening the 99%.

Joe Biden takes the Pfizer booster on camera while answering questions….this is leadership!

Massachusetts has dozens of State Troopers resigning over vaccine mandates, according to the State Police Association of Massachusetts’ (SPAM) President. BYE!!!👋🏻

Why in the fresh fucking hell isn’t Trump in custody yet? Seriously, this is ridiculous. We should be able to send a SWAT team for his ass like we would any other terrorist. And part of his sentencing needs to include admitting the truth to his entire base.

Someone put Katie Porter in charge of prosecuting Donald Trump, STAT.

I was speaking to a longtime Red Sox executive, who told me that he had never seen as many Yankees fans at Fenway Park as he saw last night. Said he had never heard cheers for an opposing team the way he heard the fans cheering after Giancarlo Stanton’s grand slam!

Yankees sweep!! 🔥