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Jessica William

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BREAKING: The Arizona sham audit found that Trump lost by MORE votes than initially tallied. President Biden actually gained 99 votes in the new count. Please see below for our official response: . . . . Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha

I hear the sexiest of all unions may be striking they have my support always

Trump lost Arizona…again. Time for another

⚡️ “Citing religious beliefs to avoid the COVID-19 vaccine could cost you your job” by

Your periodic reminder that Elon Musk’s $138,000,000,000 in pandemic wealth gains could cover the cost of tuition for 5.5 million community college students & feed 29 million low-income public-school kids — while still leaving Musk $4,000,000,000 richer than he was before Covid.

We all know Trump is guilty of leading a deadly Insurrection to overthrow the Government. The sooner he is prosecuted, the sooner we can put Democracy back on track.

Something for us all Texans to keep in mind: in 2020 in Texas we set records for turnout. But there were more than three times as many Texans who were registered and didn’t vote (5.7 million) then there were unregistered Texans (1.8 million). Turnout in 2022 is crucial.

Please don’t battle people on Twitter on my behalf. I aim to do 3 things when I respond to people about misappropriating and mishandling my father: 1. Call them up, not out 2. Help w/learning 3. Get anyone reading closer to truth I’m good - I come from Martin AND Coretta.

Three things cannot be hidden for long. The sun ☀️ the moon 🌙 and the truth. The Buddha

After going to the dentist yesterday I took a painkiller and a Tylenol so I'm writing a drug abuse memoir called West Village Elegy. Since I don't have a Meemaw I'd like Jean Smart to play my agent

I wish Twitter would come to a stop and read this article. I wish every network news executive would study this op-ed. I wish newspaper editors would take in what is happening and stop pretending that our politics can be assimilated in the usual ways.

Thank you David Simon for Not filming in Texas to protect the rights of women who work on your film.

Folks, I don’t want to punish anyone’s success. But those at the top have been getting a free ride for far too long. We’re going to change that.

Beautiful scene

I bought a ticket to this Salem radio event in Tampa so I could submit a written question and hear what has to say. But DeSantis threatened the network he'd refuse to speak if I was in the audience. So they asked me to leave and I did. Video coming soon. – at Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay

It's no mystery why diagnoses skyrocket at age 65. Many delay doctors visits until they're on Medicare, causing an uptick in diseases that are harder and more costly to treat. I’m calling for lowering the eligibility age to 60 to help more Americans and save taxpayer money.