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Jessica William

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I hope so but's taking to damn long!

🖕🏾. That’s the tweet!

These white supremacists yahoos can walk around baring their arms in public. Well Gov Reagan made sure the Black Panthers in the 60s didn't!😵😡

Provide context.. Link a news article please

Proverbs 18:2 is for that loser bro.

We will not fight a loser, because there’s no victory in defeating the ignorant.

Oh, you poor soul you. Defeating your own purpose there. Who mention racist? Out here just conjuring up YOUR OWN ‘BS’ slick.

'Absolutely false': Fox News brutally fact checks Mike Pence after he whitewashes Jan. 6 attack

omg, Shannon. this can't keep happening to our babies.💔😠

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about. I’ll even provide them my address. Or, make it easier by meeting them halfway. Bottom line is this: I’m absolutely nothing safe to play with. Once the innocent (ESPECIALLY children) are disturbed, I can go into a very dark place. Matthew 18:6

Yes something has to give. I wonder? Do these Bozos think they are the only with 2nd Amendment rights! Trust me, one day they will run up on the wrong one!

No it can’t. We have to make a stand now. We can’t let this continue- otherwise they keep pushing the line. Trump emboldened them. The rise of Nazi & white supremacy is appalling. We must have zero tolerance of intolerance.

F!! Knew it had something to do with Rutherford county! Arresting juveniles and jailing them for “watching a fight”? This is horrendously criminal! ProPublica reported this morning about Judge overseeing this wretchedness.

I’m sorry to share something that is upsetting but it is so offensive we need to spread & do something.

What is Don Jr's safe word when Kimberly Guilfoyle gets too rough in her 'Back the Blue' cosplay routine on Matlock night?

Do you think Ron DeSantis will run for President in 2024?

It’s been 9 months since Trump & the incited a terrorist attack that killed 9 people, injured hundreds & nearly ended democracy—and we still don’t have a shred of accountability for anyone involved in planning, funding, or organizing it