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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Where previous generations have failed their children, my parents did not fail theirs, & I shall not fail mine 🙏 We all have the ability to love, when we open our hearts to all Martin Luther King’s final speech: 'I've been to the mountaintop' via

Help Julie break 10k 🙏 She's a great resister, and friend to all

Throughout our history, we’ve had some common ideals, even common adversaries, to unite us. No more. The GOP, by dividing America and turning us against each other, has pushed our American experiment to the brink of collapse. It isn’t hyperbole. The threat is very real.

😌🎧 Love in such a way that you want to feel that same love in return ❤️🙏

It’s 🌮 Tuesday 😍 Can I get a…

Please sign & share the NATIONAL VACCINE MANDATE petition to help stop the spread of the dangerous & highly transmissible Delta Variant of COVID-19: 💉 💉 Don't let another American die from this pandemic. 🇺🇸

Have an Awesome Fecking Sunday! Give thanks and blessings for all our misery 🙏❤️ Jer Faces

Across all corners of this country, fights for sacred lands, waters, and resources are being led by Native Peoples. Stand in solidarity with Native Nations & demand action from

At work we have this saying: EMBRACE THE SUCK. We use this when shit is exceptionally bad, as a way to redouble our efforts while keeping an eye on the prize: saving lives. This is how I'm going to face this surge. No virus or stupidity is going to beat me. Please join me. ❤

On Thursdays, we bop our heads. Have a super awesome fricken day! ❤️ yourself and others ✌️😀✌️ Also…quit them sticks! 🚭

Being a POC in American is not easy. No matter the financial worth or education, someone's always looking down on you, just because of your skin color. Unless you've walked in my shoes, listen and learn. We may end up making this a better country for all. PickASide RaiseAFist

You people have been selfish, unpatriotic, shitty excuses of human beings from the start of this pandemic 🤬 I don’t ever want to hear an (R) whine again, after this variant sweeps across your communities, & voter turnout among you is far smaller in future elections. Feck off!


Thought of the evening after dealing with dumb people all day… 🙄🤨🙄🤨