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Josh Hawley lives in Virginia, but his voter registration has his sister's home address in Ozark, Missouri. This should disqualify him from running in Missouri.

“A family member.” It’s your daughter. Put down the vodka, get a job and a therapist. You are the epitome of what you preach against. We live rent free in your mind, and it’d be hilarious if you weren’t an actual psycho harming people. You are a very, very bad person. Get help.

I saw Katie Porter trending and thought she met Marjorie Taylor Greene at the footsteps of the Capitol. She grabbed her by her neck and did the choke slam while the crowd went nuts. That would be cool though.

Folks, remember that Covid-19 is still very real- make sure to get vaccinated and continue wearing your mask!

, TX: 26y/o Sidney Palmer was last seen on September 8, 2021 in the 1200 blk E 10th St., around 6:30am. Everyone RETWEET

Petito & Taylor were killed by Americans. Walmart shooter, ATL mass shooter, both citizens. We are under constant violent threat from US traitors in our midst. We have a crisis alright. Domestic terrorism, gun violence police brutality & ignorance.

WoW. Imagine being such a fool. Oh. Btw, I’m not the outcome of incest. But I was a victim of incest. Thanks for reminding me (in case I forgot). Oh, and by the way, you're criticizing my face... But you don't even have a profile picture? Wow. So brave.

The fact that Greg Abbott is going to force women to have a rapist baby is disgusting. Stand up Texas, vote Abbott out. Beto for Governor!

Y’all have been so kind to my friend on his birthday. I’m so grateful. He’s now less than 100 ppl away from 1,000 followers. Can we get him there tonight? For the record he could care less about numbers, I’m being obnoxious cuz he deserves all the friends. 🤗

Please retweet. If you’re a parent, of any race, any young girl missing should matter. The lack of media attention is unacceptable. As a mother of a 20 yr old in living on her own in Dallas, this terrifies and me to no end. 😞

Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise were willing to annihilate our democracy so a dictator could remain in office. They are treasonous traitors!

Opinion | The Christian fallacy at the heart of Marjorie Taylor Greene's latest meltdown - NBC News

No, there was never a more unfit president than Donald Trump. He is fully unfit morally, and intellectually to uphold the Constitution or to care for the General Welfare of the People. He is the mistake that America may not recover from. He is the mistake than can’t be repeated.

Trump administration assumed 'everyone was going to get COVID anyway': Interview with ex-FDA chief reveals

Reminder: The Women’s March for Reproductive Rights happens next Saturday October 2. You gonna be there??

AHH UPDATE tweeting from outside because sometimes I pretend I smoke cigarettes in order to stop myself from going off on the (R) aunt She thinks TFG is in no way responsible for 1/6 or the division we’re facing rn and that it’s just the media. Wine. I need wine

THE. BIG. LIE. ➡️➡️➡️THE. BIG. CRY. nailed it.

Norway is consistently rated the happiest country on Earth and now because they aren’t science denying idiots, they are lifting all Covid restrictions.

To Powell and Trump: anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You betcha, fuckers

No, it doesn’t. Because this is a scam. Black people don’t call themselves “blacks.” And 92% of black voters voted for Biden in 2020 because Trump is a white supremacist.

Republicans are trying as hard as they can to destroy any hint of democracy and Democrats are playing an intramural game of tackle football with no pads on. Meanwhile, Joe Manchin is competing with himself to be the biggest dick in the party.